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-the blog-

Confession: My name is Alexas and I talk to myself. Guess what? You should too! On a daily basis, positive deposits and affirmations can help us successfully complete each day. This section is dedicated to strength building quotes, revelations and self-help resources for both you and me. We've got this! First things first :

You ARE enough!

Caring for Self...

The Great Divide

In the blink of an eye, families are being torn apart over events happening outside the home. Unfriend, unfollow and removed are all sentiments in hour people are identifying their family these days. I never thought I'd see the day when whole families are openly divided due to politics AND acting accordingly; being hateful, judgmental, unloving and unkind. Why? We must challenge our hearts to do better. Most don't even see the division that's sure to have lasting results on so many vital relationships. Yes, there are situations where clear-cut decisions are required, however, acting in love should be primary. Check yourself and encourage others to be examples of love.

Are you a part of the family on Instagram & Facebook??


Because you can accomplish some amazing things!

At the beginning of January, most of us made decisions on goals we plan to accomplish. For most, the only thing standing in the way is ACTION! 3 ways to track your goals are:


1) Write it down and make it plain. It makes a World of a difference to be able to see what you have intent to accomplish.

2) Brainstorm Ideas AND creative ways to accomplish each goal. This keeps you mind fresh and avoids feeling stuck when/if the avenue you envisioned is not the winner!

3) Create a quarterly review schedule. This is a time you schedule to see how far you've come, what needs improvements, what's been accomplished thus far and to incorporate fresh ideas to drive your goals further.

4) CELEBRATE the small wins!! (THey'll always lead to big victories!)



I know some of you all sung this with the voice of Queen Latifah, ha, ha!!! Me too. 

Unification is the foundation for so many facets of life. Marriage, family, career, causes, etc. We should never underestimate the impact our ability to become a part of a whole can be. More time with those we love is a great starting point to initiate or reinstate the unity that will allow you to thrive both individually and collectively. Going back to basics is one of the the best ways to get started to improving the pathway. Step 1: Communication Step 2: Planning and strategy Step 3: Execute and stay the course! I'll be elaborating more on this in "Come together, right now!"

Helping Hands

Welcome to



New Year, New who?... often times our New Year's resolutions sound like a broken record because they aren't tailored to our person. It's time to be who you were created to be and set goals for the best you to emerge! A beautiful awakening is will always surpass recreating one's self with another's blueprint. 

The BEST love is self love!

Note where you can do more for self in these areas. No one on this planet can love you more than you! You deserve ALL of this! Start with one area at a time or lay the love on thick!







...and you are WHO, now????!

Every now and again we have to make sure it's all lining up!

Faith and Values
Love walk
Stones of Meaning

What's Important?

 What do you believe? Are you an example of your faith? There's no better way to show where your values are than your daily picture show. Does what you do AND say reflect where you stand?

Stack of Boxes

First stop, the top!

Making sure your priorities line up the way they should read is majorly important. If not, it will certainly be hard to maintain your balance in order to succeed in many areas.

Red love heart on hearts

You should be known by your love!

Feeling your love, even in moments that aren't ideal, is the greatest gift you can provide to the World. We all miss it, however, the strive should be constant. To be known by love rather than being inflammatory can soften the hardest of hearts!

This will be the subsequent outcome!
Choose wisely!

DearELIGIBLEfriends . . .


Valentine's Day can be a painful reminder of loneliness when it seems like the rest of the World is a cuddled up. This doesn't mean your aren't worthy of love...your BEST love just hasn't happened yet! If you still desire it, it still will. In the meantime, know that you are valuable above wasted time, you mean more than empty gifts and ARE special enough to spend a lifetime with.

Marching Band

March On!



You shouldn't have to make your list of folks who are "Cut off" every new year... Chances are, if you are having to do this, there should be some relationships/people that you need to march on from.  Your peace and wholeness of mind is so vital and can't be sacrificed just to maintain an entourage. It's ok to let it go. Furthermore, be ok with forgiving and moving forward with a new tune. Your thrive will thank you!

Dandelion Leaves

Keeping HOPE Afloat

Find something to look forward to each day! Once you have that down to a science, plan for the week, a month and even a year until you have LIFE to look forward to and become excited about the prospect!

Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

© 2021 GuruWhoKnew

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