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Self Therapy Sessions

Confession: My name is Alexas and I talk to myself. Guess what? You should too! On a daily basis, positive deposits and affirmations can help us successfully complete each day. This section is dedicated to strength building quotes, revelations and self-help resources for both you and me. We've got this! First things first :

You are enough!
Serious Look

What Now?

Because #Idependontheirnextbreath

May definitely ended in a turbulent whirlwind as a black man, George Floyd was murdered at the hands (knee, rather) of a white Minneapolis police officer. This story, while gruesome, is all too common in America. It's not history if it keeps repeating itself... protest have gathered crowds looking to stand up for justice. Now that the dust is settling in the streets, what now? How can each and every one of us make a difference? How can I support if I'm not a person of color?  These are all questions that are so important at this time and forever more...

At home: Teach the meaning of equality and the importance it has for ALL human beings. Study to gain an understanding of the struggles of those before and those that are of color in America that you may be soothing and a facilitator of peace and understanding for your family or those around you (if not of color).

In the Streets: VOTE for change. Educate yourself on politicians that you feel to be after your interests and desire progression of peace and unity, Donate time to the organization of result-oriented meetings, marches, forums etc. 

Most importantly: Speak up and speak out against everyday injustices; not just the incidents that make the news. 

3 benefits to

Daily Affirmations

1. A constant state of positivity

When you're busy professing gratitude, progression and your mind has less time to dwell on feeling down or what's lacking.

2. Gainful consistency

Establishing this routine helps you to look forward to what I call "positive constants" in life. 

3. Permanent change of outlook

After reciting daily affirmations, you begin setting a tone for positive change in your daily life. You unlock a mindset that is one of optimism and this becomes a permanent transitions your outlook does a 180!



On the right foot!

Great ways to get the day started...

Often times, we are thrusted into the mayhem of the day. Making an effort to take time for yourself at the start of the day can make a huge difference in its completion an your overall temperament. Take time for yourself daily with prayer, yoga, a quick cup of tea or coffee, cardio or journaling. You'd be surprised what a "first 30" can change for the better. Start today!

Like Butta!

#SelfCare at home...


Not being able to go to the salon or nail shop regulary shouldn't stop the show Taking care of "you" must go on! Many times in the past, i found myself slacking on at home pampering because it took FOREVER. Who has forever when you have a career, kids, etc, etc, etc????????!

Going and receiving services forces you to sit still but at home it seems like that sacred time doesn't hit the same, ha, ha!

I found that changing a few things in the routine made a world of a difference in getting it done and REGULARY! 

Getting the Proper tools and Solutions!

I mastered keeping deep skin off my feet routinely in just 5 min! A callus remover (The one pictured is evarythang!!!) and a good industrial strength (ha, ha!! but really...) foot file got the job done quicker than I can finish a cup of coffee.

Night Time is the Right Time!

Create a "whole house shutdown" time and schedule your pampering after that time. I found a bi-weekly evening after shutdown worked smoothly into my schedule without sacrifice. I have doubled it as t.v time and I'll catch up on a show or two while treating myself!

Morning Routine w/ a Blueprint!

Consistency is key when creating results. Often times, steps can become a lot to stick with. The best way to remedy this is to lay everything out prior to use. Get an organizer or tray and line all your products up in order of use neatly on the countertop. This makes it easier to get it done!


Adulting: Skin Care Steps


Remove make up 


Cleanse your face


Apply Astringent/toner


Over 30: Apply retinol/ Vitamin C and serums specific to your skin.



This is the part many of us forget to add as we age. This step is needed to preserve our skin!




Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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