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-the blog-

Confession: My name is Alexas and I talk to myself. Guess what? You should too! On a daily basis, positive deposits and affirmations can help us successfully complete each day. This section is dedicated to strength building quotes, revelations and self-help resources for both you and me. We've got this! First things first :

You ARE enough!

Caring for Self...

Woman with Freckles


I just went right in, didn't I? lol...

You heard what I said. I said, "NO!"

It can be so difficult to say no when we need to the most. Often times, we will even do to the detriment of our own peace. Be okay with saying no to what doesn't serve you. You will NEVER regret standing up for YOU. 

Pick yourself up and keep going! Remember:

You are ONE person!

Giving all situations your best means you are present and perfect in your efforts.

The mere fact that you've made it to another day is proof you are meant to be here.

So shine brightly!

Your are wonderfully and fearfully made. Pure art! Any and all progress is forward movement. Celebrate ALL of your wins. They WILL lead to BIG victories!

Are you



your goals

a GO??!

"Goal-Getting Checklist"

Have you written down your plan of action?

Have you created a process in which to execute your goals?

Do you have a tentative timeline? 

Are you investing in your goal daily?

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Do you believe you CAN do it and are you ACTING accordingly with expectancy??

Are you a part of the family on Instagram & Facebook??

Ways to Replenish

...because SELF CARE starts with pouring in to fill within.

Soul Minutes

How do you feed your spirit. What you think and speak can be directly affected by what you do. Prayer, devotion and journaling are all beneficial in feeling fulfilled. You can never go empty with edification.

Quality Time

Take a walk, write, read or listen to tunes you love while reflecting.


Spa days and mani/pedi's need apply! Caring for yourself physically can uplift the soul inwardly. When you look good, you feel good!

Transform the Outside

Fitness goals are an easy target to physically see progress. Set a goal and watch yourself flourish.



"Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!!!!"... Family drama happens. Sometimes, it gets so intense that you can't even conduct regularly scheduled programming. Truth is, we are all trying to survive. If it doesn't pertain to you and your immediate family, you have to make concrete choices on your exposure and the energy you put into the circumstances. Keeping your life intact is primary. Helping others is secondary. Furthermore, when the situations are beyond your jurisdiction, you have to make a conscious choice to remove it from your bulletin before it consumes the positivity and forward strive in your life

Flying Chairs

Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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