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Self Care

Confession: My name is Alexas and I talk to myself. Guess what? You should too! On a daily basis, positive deposits and affirmations can help us successfully complete each day. This section is dedicated to strength building quotes, revelations and self-help resources for both you and me. We've got this! First things first :

You ARE enough!
 Seeds to plant... 
our soil needs to be fertilized, too!

How YOU feel about YOU matters most of all! Taking the time to uplift and appreciate your attributes and character can be a determining factor in your overall outlook from day to day. It also contributes to how you deliver and feel about what you produce.

This is huge. Many of us are stomped because we're stuck in the situations that we haven't forgiven. Forgiveness is not for them, It is for us. We break free when we let go to begin the healing. It isn't easy but IT IS rewarding!

Finding ways to stay the course can make all the difference completion of daily tasks. When the finish line is distant, constant cheering is a must! Words of affirmation, quotes that inspire you and/or morning pep talks are all great places to start.

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Morning Mourning

Release and Regroup

Not everyone is chipper in the morning. Sometimes the sun rising reminds us that we have to do it all again... even when times are rough. Sometimes it's hard to feel like you can conquer the day without releasing a few tears... guess what?! That's ok. You are still strong, your are still resilient and you can still win the day. Have your moment and let it stream. Release it so you can revive your optimism for the day. 

Hammock in Bedroom
Dandelion Leaves

Keeping HOPE Afloat

Find something to look forward to each day! Once you have that down to a science, plan for the week, a month and even a year until you have LIFE to look forward to and become excited about the prospect!

Fresh Buds




How you fill your space matters!

If you have learned nothing else coming out of a pandemic, you've learned how much relationships matter. Even more so, hoe much WORTHY relationships matter. Being at home has singe-handedly forced us all to really evaluate our dealings and who occupies our space. 


Challenge yourself to grow to the point that "just having someone there" isn't enough any longer. Time spent can assist you in success OR create a diversion and block your view of what's really important. It's better to cultivate what's meaningful than to entertain what is ultimately meaningless or damaging.

Beauty Products

Skin in the game!

Get your glow back!

Great skin is always in style but may not always seem achievable. So often, we don't know where to start...

4 Steps to winning at your skin:

a) Book a facial with a carefully researched aesthetician you wish to try.

b) Get a customize plan (with steps) for products successfully used with great results for your skin.

c) Purchase products used or comparable alternatives

d) CONSISTENCY (morning and night)

Homemade Skin Care
White Lamp

Declutter the mind...

1) Have a phone shut of time!

2) Journal in the morning or before bed!

3) Step away for quiet minutes for 5-10 minutes each day.

Empty Chairs

4) Create a bedtime routine, technology free.

5) Go for a walk or exercise for 30 minutes a few times a week

6) Evaluate and reorganize your priorities to create breathing room in accomplishing tasks.

7) Jot down your most important tasks of the day and create a checklist.

"Post-It" Progress

Sticky notes are so effective for so many of our daily tasks. In the past, I would put reminders in my phone and conveniently never get the notification. I'm old fashion because it works and I can't hit ignore, ha, ha!! I use sticky notes for lists, tasks, expense noting (until I can spend more time to file properly) and so much more. 


Two main uses are to remind and affirm myself to refresh my outlook and to create a visual roadmap of goals. I love to unpeel goals achieved!

Writing a Sticky Note

Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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