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Self Care

Confession: My name is Alexas and I talk to myself. Guess what? You should too! On a daily basis, positive deposits and affirmations can help us successfully complete each day. This section is dedicated to strength building quotes, revelations and self-help resources for both you and me. We've got this! First things first :

You ARE enough!

Starting Over!

It's a new year with promise of new adventures!! Aye!! Are you excited?! It would be even more awesome if we all ,for once, stopped trying to toss who we are to become completely different at the top of the year EVERY YEAR!

The best thing we can do is Assess aspects of our lives. Keep what works and develop a plan to rectify/ remedy what doesn't. Don't completely wipe the slate! There's good soil there...

Gift yourself progress, not a complete overhaul!

New Year Decorations

What you say matters!

Daily Affirmations are clutch! They can effectively push you into your next victory. What you speak over yourself, your day and the tasks at hand can determine the outcome before you've even begun. Use your words to your advantage and speak positively over all the concerns you! You've got this! 

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Fab Visions!

Every January, we complete vision boards as a family. What we desire our year to look like, goals we intend to attain and life moments we'd love to experience! Even more, we always look at the board completed the year before to see what we accomplished from our boards in 12 months.

Every single year without fail, I have been the ONLY, and I do mean only, one not killing my board. Yep, Even the positivity queen clearly has some doubt tucked away deep and misplaced priorities.

"Believe in you so fiercely that you have no other option than to soar."


I realized that I believed everyone's goals could come to past so fiercely that I championed everyone throughout the year to make sure they happened. The eureka moment was that I wasn't doing this for ME. Imagine that...

I realized I put so much effort into being selfless that I forgot about self and didn't pick her up until it was time to tally my wins. I didn't realize it until everyone was smiling and I was left saddened about accomplishing only 30% or less each year! Lesson: Choose to pour into you and place importance on your goals, not just those that are collective or for others. Now, I'm holding nothing back. This will be an amazing year for ME ENTERPRISES! Join me!

Dating Solo: Me Time Unlimited ( Date Ideas!)

Stack of Magazines

Dinner & Reads

Whether dinner or a coffee run, choose to slow down and bring your favorite read or latest publication and soak in all those uninterrupted moments.

Fashion Rail

Style Appointment

When you look good, you feel good! Invest in yourself and spend quality time revamping your look, wardrobe or even styling a space in your home.

Massage Table

Pampered & Polished

Create time in your schedule to be renewed through pampering appointments, facial bookings and consistent upkeep that'll keep you running like a well oiled machine!

The Couch

"We all have a story to share. We've all felt despair, hope, fear, love, anxiety and uncertainty"... 

Release the stigma.

Get the care.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding therapy. Often, so many wait until something's gone terribly wrong before they seek help. 

Truth is, therapy is good for ALL states of mind. We all need to be heard and can benefit from an assistant helping us unpack our feelings; both good and bad. 

Did you know that most employers will pay for several weeks of therapy with a professional of your choice?


Whether maintenance or aid, therapy can sometimes be the hope and positive progress we need to release the unneeded baggage. 

Therapy Office
Cozy Winter

Speak Your Peace

Yep, you read that right! I have always been one to keep expressions of my emotions and how I truly feel about sensitive issues to myself in efforts to avoid creating added negativity and being deemed as "talking about" another. As I grow older, I realize this only does a disservice to my healing. Truth is, People are going to believe what they want and act accordingly. Your intentions are understood  (and if they are, clarification is swiftly sought after) by those that are truly for you. Another's perception of you cannot be changed by any action you take. It's a personal decision on their part. Instead of trying to convince until you're blue in the face, choose to put the work in unpacking your feelings and how it affected you so that you can move forward peacefully. You experience is exactly that; your experience. Don't mute yourself.

Life is a journey, not a destination. It will ALWAYS be progress over perfection."

Love Drunk Champange

Love isn't just for the birds...


February is the month where so many profess their love for one another. While the boo'd up folks think it's a beautiful whirlwind, many singles feel the painful reminder as another year comes and goes without commitment. We all desire love and are in different phases of how we experience it.

For the #singles: Your time will come. Prepare yourself for its fullness by learning how to love yourself as strongly as you can. 

For the #relationshipgoals: Continue to celebrate your love as it can be an encouragement for others.

For the #strugglelove: This can be an extremely tough time. Ask me how I know, lol BUT you can overcome and/or experience beautiful rebirths/beginnings. Self love is the first step in thriving past what's broken.

Heart Balloons
Wooden Furnitures

Winter Reminders

  • You are worthy of great things happening!

  • You are bigger than your mistakes.

  • Simply surviving a tough day deserves celebration.

  • Each day you awake is a fresh opportunity. Use it to its fullest.

  • Celebrate all wins.

  • Stay grateful and find at least one thing to be thankful for daily.