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 Savings Savvy 

 Savings give me such a rush and thrill. I always walk  out adjusting my imaginary Savings Queen crown...!

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On Target

Now that everyone's obsessed with Target, here's how you shop to save the most!

a. Get a Target Red Card!

b. Download and utilize the Target App

c. when shopping in-store, scan everything with your app!

d. Remember that clearance qualifies if the brand is on sale

e. Use incentive gift cards immediately; divided transactions.

f. ALWAYS start clearance first!

Boom. You're a Pro!

Brown Luggage

Thinking Ahead: Fall Vacations

Now is the time to start thinking about Fall vacations. Planning and booking 60 days or more ahead can land you some serious savings! Most popular destinations have savings codes specifically for this time bracket!  if you are planning to travel soon, start the hunt now! you'll be happy you did!

Bonus: Did you know Costco's travel has a 6 month window? This allows you to be flexible with your flights and save when creating your vacation package! Be sure to keep that in mind!

Grocery Shopping

The Multi-Stop Shop

Is it myth or magic?!

Drumroll... IT'S BOTH! If you know how to shop, it can be magic. Without an effective plan, it's just a headache, ha, ha!!

How can you discover if it's a myth or magic for you?

Ask yourself:

"Is the distance worth the savings? Can I get many items I need from the same location or effectively divide my list?"

Once you have asked these questions, if you answers support multiple store visit, then shop away!

I shop predominantly at Costco and Publix. I go to Publix for bogo items and stock ups and Costco for everything else. If it's a high travel week in the household, I will get smaller quantity of fresh produce from Sprouts instead of bulk items to ensure we aren't wasting. The savings and limited distance supports this mission but if there were other variables, there may be another plan needed. If you are traveling far for saving, you may find it better to buy where it's closest as the expense of gas becomes a consideration. Weigh it carefully and shop accordingly!

Bag of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

4 Summer savings you shouldn't miss!

Grills + Lawn

When: Late July, Early August

This is the time to get the "big poppa"and the weed blocka!! ha, ha!! Whatever grills, cookware, lawn care items are left come considered overstock. It is drastically reduced to move fast. 

Barbecue Grills

Outdoor Living

When: Mid to late July

Most retailers utilize the same areas in the store for pop ups. Making room for school supplies and back-to-school events means huge saving on that patio furniture you were eyeing all Summer long!

outdoor furniture chairs

Beauty + Body Care

When: Late July- End of August

All the limited edition or Summer themed packaging is about to become your golden ticket, babe!! Save big on products you already know and use. Every retailer goes in cycles and stock according to collateral purchased. If packaging doesn't fit the season, it goes bye, bye...which means YOU buy, buy!

Brand Lipsticks


When: Mid to Late August

Grab beautiful suits and trunks for pennies on the dollar at most of your favorite retailers.

Stripe Bikini
Empty Restaurant

Save on Dining: Family Style

3 ways to spend less on family dinner dates!

Happy Hour

You don't have to sit at the bar to take advantage of the amazingly priced menu at many restaurants! 4pm-6pm will end up being a date hit!

Themed Lunches

Many restaurants have weekday specials. Choose to dine early to save big. As long as you are there before lunch time ends, you can get the daily deals!

Gift Cards

Purchase gift cards from your wholesale club prior to going and save more than 20%. This requires planning (which we're working on anyway, right?!) and should only be purchased if you're sure you all will visit the eatery. Note: they don't expire!

Restaurant Table