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 Savings Savvy 

 Savings give me such a rush and thrill. I always walk    out adjusting my imaginary Savings Queen crown...!

It's your season to shine, savvy shoppers!
Right now, is the best time to rack up on some super sales. Most retailers are clearing out and getting ready for the new Spring and Summer season ahead. Get your notepad and/or screenshot ready... it's time to save

Think Ahead!

Boots, sneakers, sweater, jeans and accesories are all at a fraction of the cost , right now! Many retailers are at about 70% off right now for fall/winter's coveted items. $100 could easily get you 3-4 pairs of beautiful boots at your local Macys! Pack your patience and a snack...it's a jungle out there but the jems you'll find are worth it every time! NOW is when I get all our boots for the seaons ahead.

Decor Galore!

Ayeee!! There's no Spring cleaning without a little home decor refresh. Most retailers go by collections and now, after inventory, is when you save the most. Prices are slashed at record speed allowing you to save on all those items you were eyeing a couple weeks ago! Sheets, lamps, accent furniture and so much more at 50-70% off are awaiting your expertise!

Rack Up!

This is the time when many major brands revamp their packaging or plan to put out limited edition designs. Use this to your advantage and stock up on product you use that are far from expiring. Shampoos/ hair care, make up, feminine items, shaving tools/ creams and any other lotions and potions that suit you! Check the end caps!

What's the tea on Target?!
What  to grab and  save the most! (while it lasts!)
These items are on clearance, right now!


Socks, bras, underwear, long johns and hosiery!

Cold Weather Gear:

Hats, gloves, outerwear, earmuffs, scarves and weatherproof items!

Home Linens:

Flannel Sheets, comforters, curtain panels, small rugs, towels , shower curtains and even fabric play tents!


Sweaters, boots, long sleeved dresses/ dress shirts, uniforms, hair accessories and kids statement pieces (bags, earrings, fashion hats, headbands, etc.)

How to $ave the most while creating and shopping your weekly Grocery list!

Shop your pantry
Often times items get overlooked and not noticed until its time to reset. Creating meals using ingredients you already have is a great start to avoiding waste and shaving off a few bucks from the new grocery bill.
Most grocery stores provide information of an upcoming sale at least a day in advance. Learning your favorite stores and their cycles is a great way to stay ahead of the game! Choosing your prepared meals for the week based on sale items is an immediate way to cut costs.
Shop in bulk for the items you use most.  This reduces repetitive buy on frequent cart fillers that seem small but add up! Wholesale clubs are great on prices for spices, paper products, meats and various other items that will save a large amount of money overall.
Go digital
Digital coupons are a great way to save even more on items throughpout the store! Often times, you can use them in conjuction with vendor coupons AND store copupons/ sales.
Monthly budget and set days
Consistency is so important to staying on target. Setting a realistic food budget for the household as well as shopping on specific days during the month avoid frivolous spending.




Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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