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 Savings Savvy 

 Savings give me such a rush and thrill. I always walk  out adjusting my imaginary Savings Queen crown...!

Kayaks from Above

Maximize Vacation Planning

Creating a memorable and fun-filled vacation IS attainable on any budget. It DOES, however, require planning. No vacation just happens and thinking ahead of the game ensures you'll win!

What's needed?


Willlingness to research


Where should I start if I need ideas? check All-inclusive deals first!

Many companies are accepting small deposits as a new way of booking. Use it to your advantage and pay for your vacation in chunks.

For many Places outside of the U.S, airfare may be a large chunk of the expense. Check flight calendars first before booking the accommodations!

4 winter savings you shouldn't miss!

Organization Items

Now's the time for your home to shine! Containers, bins and storage solutions are all on sale at this time. Create a plan and get shopping!

Tidying Storage

Home Essentials

There are so many buy more save more and offer with an offer promotions right now, we'd be crazy not to restock! The top of the year is a great time to fill your home's inventory while it's priced just right.

Washer & Dryer

After Holiday Sales

Approximately 7-10 days after every holiday, festive items get marked down to pennies on the dollar! Plan ahead and store for next year to reduce future spending and get those accessories you've been eyeing for months!

Valentine Candy


Late February is THE BEST time to get boots at high end retailers and department stores. Its one of the biggest season shifts of the year and the prices are at their lowest. Think ahead and prep your wardrobe for seasons to come!

Leather Ankle Boots
Round Light Bulb

The Electric Company

October 1st- May 1st, Winter rates are in effect for your electricity company. Learning how you use electricity and even setting a little aside for the Summer months will help you stay on top of your usage. Ways to reduce usage are: unplugging unused items, not running large electronics during the peak of the day (10am-8pm) and cutting off unused lights!

Paper Bag

Using Rewards Effectively

Many of our favorite retailers offers rewards bucks for incentives to return and shop. Maximizing this benefit should you plan on shopping is vital.

  • Set "Redeem Reminders"

  • Learn and understand the stipulations to utilize the cash efficiently.

  • Be open to making multiple transactions

  • Shop clearance first!

Vegetables in Paper Bags

3 Ways to reduce food waste

1. Create a menu for the week and buy the items and quantities needs to create the meal.

2. Buy fresh items more frequently 

3. Create a "no outside food" policy on weekdays and reward yourself on the weekends

Organic Groceries