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-the blog-

 Savings Savvy 

 Savings give me such a rush and thrill. I always walk  out adjusting my imaginary Savings Queen crown...!

Canned Food

Saving on Essentials: Groceries

...because it seems like everything is on the rise!

Every time I go to shop for essentials, it seems like the bill easily sky rockets to $300! Who can relate?! I realized that I had abandoned my systematic ways of shopping and had become a panic purchaser (someone who just buys what's available). How does the even happen? lol... It's easy to get into a habit of just buying what is available because that's how we've all been getting by the past few months but now that sales are reinstating, returning to working techniques and storing here and there is the best way to save on what you need and stock what may be needed later.

a) Create weekly meal plan from items on the sale list at your favorite grocer.

b) Buy 1-2 additional of the sale items that you use frequently. It will save a few bucks for later meal plans.

c) Buy at least 2 "disaster items on each grocery trip. ex: a pack of canned goods or pack of paper towels.

Saving ahead of the holidays!

Everyone loves a good matching pajama! September is the perfect time to secure the cute and cohesive without breaking the bank!

Wrapped Boxes


Burt's Bees

A large selection can be found on Amazon for the Prime members! Wonderfully 100% cotton!


Old Navy

Hands down the best fitting and best washed in my opinion. Expanded size range!

Wrapped Boxes



Lauren Conrad's Jammies for your families line is super cute and affordable. SO MANY styles available!


Children's Place

They have the largest available size range including pets! Newborn-3XL!

Wrapped Boxes



Shop their holiday Wonder Shop! Often times, the pajamas coincide with available ornaments and home decor!!

Getting the lowest price!

Often times, we get into a plan, whether utilities, insurance or entertainment, comfortable with paying the price UNLESS it randomly gets higher. That will get your attention, right?! 

Even though the price may not increase doesn't mean you can't save more. It is a good practice to call your billers EVERY 6 months to ensure you are getting the best prices available. Promotions and savings roll out constantly and those you have services with are usually NOT going to call you to help you save!


Ex: Re-writing you car insurance policy can save hundreds!!

Getting on a new plan with tv or cell phones providers can give you more for the same amount or reduce amount paid for the same services.

Negotiating a better price by making your services aware you are open to do business with competitors will save you at least $10 on your bill!


not spending. (imagine that, ha, ha!)

  • Only subscribe for notifications to items you need to purchase within a time frame otherwise unsubscribe from ALL.

  • Get in and get out. (Covid pretty much remedied us from physical impulse shopping, ha, ha!) Don't wander into other areas of a store.

  • Don't Shop hungry or stressed.

  • Set a weekly online shopping limit. Try to reduce that amount weekly. 

Light Bulbs

Savings around the  


Keeping your utility bills predictable is one of the best ways to secure your budget! 3 ways to accomplish consistency and even lower some of your bills:

a) learn peak times! 

For most utilities, evenings after 7pm is when the charges drop off. Consider running your household electric items such as the dishwasher or washer in the evenings to avoid peak time costs.

b) plan out lawn watering days and place a time limit on showers. 

Know the water tiers and manage your consumption to stay within a comfortable bracket. Many water companies provide reports and online tools to accomplish this.

c) update your outdated systems.

This can be costly initially but the savings will QUICKLY add up!

Film Reels

Free Fun!

Movies: Many theatres, such as NCG, are offering free movie days at least one day a week! 

Books: Amazon is continuing the free kindle program for families to enjoy title and reads they love. 

Bonus: Films on the green are set to resume for most Georgia counties by October; just in time for the cooler weather!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Save on Thanksgiving Entertaining

Create a Potluck Sign up

Come together for dessert after dinner with your immediate family

Make your list and begin shopping sales NOW(by the time Thanksgiving arrives, most, if not all, traditional Thanksgiving menu items will have gone on sale. Planning is key!

Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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