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-the blog-

 Savings Savvy 

 Savings give me such a rush and thrill. I always walk  out adjusting my imaginary Savings Queen crown...!

Top 6 Savings Tricks for EVERYONE!

6 Month Check-In

Call all of your utilities, insurances, etc every six months to inquire about new deals, promotions and even new plans, You can save money and or even get more for you already pay!

Rx Check Up

Always check with you physicians to see if you can receive meds free (as many pharmaceutical companies offer free prescriptions if shipped directly from them and the are FREE lists for many medications at your local grocers!) Many times, insurance is not necessary. Get all that's available to you. There's more than you know. The ASK is key!

Learn Patterns

Every retailer has a specific set and schedule for markdowns, new releases, etc. Learning he patterns can land you huge savings and keep you in the right place at the right time! You can always be one of the firsts! Inquire and take note!

Shop Clearance FIRST

When you're on the hunt, ALWAYS shop clearance first. Get more bang for your buck while walking away with more!

After-Season Haul

Directly after a holiday or a season is THE BEST time to stock up on essentials and find amazing steals! This is the time when rebranding is abundant, clearing out excess is frequent and crowds are few! You'll be happy you stopped in!

Lessen Your Max

More Input than output should always be the goal. Find ways to reduce your expenses. Every penny adds up and can work toward paying down debt.

The "Tea" on TARGET

The  App is where it's at!

Enamel Cups

 Chances are, you've already enjoyed the benefits of the Target app and the instant savings it provides! Give your app more power and be sure to scan EVERYTHING in your cart while in your store. Did you know you can price match AND still use whatever savings are available on the app AND  in conjunction ith what's offered in the store? Also, even though most savings state they dont apply to clearance, if it what is described, it counts!! That's right! you can save more!! Happy Shopping!

Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market

Save on Groceries!

A few steps can keep you saving big bucks at your local grocer!


  • Learn the sale cycle and meal plan according. Most stores provide a sneak peek at least a day in advance.

  • Sign up for digital coupons/savings.

  • Get rain checks for items you desire before the sale is over.

  • Stock up and buy ahead!

Family Buying Bread

Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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