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What's the Scoop?!

This Summer, we have been enjoying some of the best frozen treats throughout Atlanta! Freshly made creams, frozen yogurt, ice cream rolls and snoballs have all been on the menu! So, what's the scoop, you ask?! Truly, It's all so delicious! I'm breaking down the where and what to expect on your next cold treat adventure just in time for #NationalIcecreamday.

Ice cream Dreams

Frozen Cow

Kennesaw, GA

Talk about fresh! The endless flavors are made right in front of you. They ice cream comes in three sizes and truly the small is more than enough. We tried strawberry cheesecake, apple pie ala mode and a simple vanilla with gummi bears for the prince. Carrot cake, key lime cheesecake and red velvet cake are just a few of this ice cream shop's amazing roster. They can even make lactose free and sugar free ice creams!! Stop by the next time you're in the area!

Cost: $5-$8

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Decatur Square, Avalon, Krog Street Market, Buckhead Market Place & Westside Provisions (i.e. no excuse not to try, lol)

Jeni's was a whole experience! We tried so many flavors at this tasty scoop shop that I couldn't even remember the flavor I originally wanted to try, ha, ha!! There are more than 40 flavors of deliciousness for you to get your fix! We loved the salted caramel and the sweet cream biscuit and peach jam. Whether Savannah buttermint or supermoon, you will not be able to get enough! You can choose cup or cone and one scoop is really all you need to be in ice cream heaven!

Cost: $5-$7.50 (Scoop shop)

Note: Pints can be ordered at $12

Froyo Frenzy

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

Kennesaw, GA

This is one of our favorite froyo shops! No fuss and loads of toppings make it our favorite place to cool down. I'm a purist and tart is always where I start! For the adventurous, they have about 12 flavors to begin your creation. During the Summer, there's always a yummy fruity limited edition that steals the show. Right now, they have a refreshing dragon fruit that is simply sublime. Choose from more than 20 toppings! Have a whole crew? The kids can color while they eat and grab a balloon on their way out. We've never went over $6 for a hefty cup of goodness but I'm positive it can get out of hand, ha, ha!

Cost: Around $6


Atlanta & Buckhead

Yum and yum... They are one of my favorites because my rewards adds up fast and I see free froyo frequently in my future! They are the best when it comes to fresh fruit toppings! They also do private events which makes them a wonderful addition for your next celebration. They have many dairy free options and celebrate #nationalicecreamday all July long! Their Summer feature flavors are key lime pie and cookies and crème. Both flavors are soooo good!

Cost: Around $6

Rolls and Balls

If you're looking to mix it up and experience added fun, ice cream rolls and snoballs are the way to go! Ice cream rolls are a whole experience as you get to see your treat made from start to finish.


Avalon, Duluth & Peachtree Corners

Drangon balls and toasted marshmallows are just a couple of the topping you can choose when visiting this tasty shop! We love watching the process and appreciate all the fresh ingredients! You will quickly become a weekly visitor because you won't be able to get enough. We enjoy the Avalon location because its located close to a delicious pizzeria and the play area making it a great play date spot.

Cost: $6-$8

Ice Kitchen

Kennesaw, GA

Conveniently located in a strip including main retailers, it is the perfect place to break away from shopping to relax and grab a treat. This small yet chic shop is a fave because each ice cream cup comes with UNLIMITED toppings; which is great when you have kids who do the absolute most, ha, ha!

Cost: $5-$8

Pelican Ice

Kennesaw, GA

This is a frequent stop following an eventful day at the park! They have over 100 flavors and the possibilities are endless! The vibrant pink and blue house lets you know your in for a treat. We are #greedy so we always get it to go because you get more! Tip: If you:re with a group or plan to return, buy the pelican coins. You get $30 worth for $20!!!! You know I love savings!

Cost: $5-$7

Bourbon Street

Kennesaw, GA

These delicious snoballs are dye free and only use natural ingredients. I love stopping here because you can have a cup of spicy gumbo and cool down with your snowball. Their snoballs are unique because you choose to have a filled center! Yes, a filled center. We enjoyed the strawberry snoball with the cheesecake center.

Cost: $5-$8

This Summer's icy treat extravaganza has been so fun! What's the scoop?! We've made some new icy loves that we will continue to visit! With #AtlantaIcreamFestival coming up, you might as well get a little headstart! Summer is just not the same without a frozen treat and all of these places are super neat! Try them and let me know about your experience!


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