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Tisket, Tasket...Easter Basket!

As tradition would have it, the showcase of beautiful Easter baskets are just days away! As my children have gotten older, I've become more creative with my baskets each year. I even make one for the hubs! I've found, same as with gifting in general, thoughtfulness and intention go a long way. The easter baskets are nothing short of a compilation of their individual faves. I enjoy getting creative with baskets also because it definitely cuts down the candy content substantially. Sure, you could be a pre-made basket... but why not give a custom basket a try! Three ways to build better baskets are:

Proper sizing

The size of your basket means everything! I tend to go with small to medium baskets to avoid having to use a lot of filler and the additional need to get creative with positioning contents of the basket. Purchase your basket FIRST and then decide on the treats! Be sure to consider your closure method by taking into account the height of the basket.Tip: Use tulle to cover your baskets to create a chic display!

3 Taste points

Salty, savory, sweet...and everything in between! Mixing treats and providing variety definitely elevates the presentation of your basket! Gourmet sodas, shortbread cookies, unique candies and more add excitement and step it up from the norm. Great places to grab unique eats are World Market, International bakeries, Home goods, Chocolatiers and Old fashion Candy shops like Lolli and Pops. You can also make themed eats that are full of love!

Interest "Hot Picks"

A great basket wouldn't be complete without keepsakes, small toys and gifts that pour into the recipient's interests. I load baskets with loved grooming items, small books, old fashioned toys, plush cuddles and more. It's all about the detail of presentation when it comes to gifts for your basket. The biggest key is to coordinate in color, sizing and theme to create a cohesive basket!

Let your loved ones know how much you've been paying attention by surprising them with a basket full of all they love this holiday! Intentional effort is irreplaceable. Until next time! -XO


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