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The Money Funk

Nothing used to put me in a bad mood faster than money being tight. Everything would irritate me and I was definitely in the dictionary under "Negative Nancy". My conversation would be unfruitful and seemingly nonchalant on every topic. This was before I realized exactly what was happening. I would be in a "money funk". I would pop back to life AND a jovial disposition as soon as funds were back on track...

You see, It's easy to get down when things aren't going according to plan or when money is a little tighter than you'd like for it to be or , let's be real, non-existent. It takes perseverance and a conscious choice to be joyful through tough circumstances BUT it is necessary. Your outlook on yourself, your goals, family and all that concerns you depends on a consistently positive outlook in order to thrive. The bipolar "money mood" isn't going to move mountains; trust me.

Even in the midst of challenge, choose to SPEAK LIFE over your finances and do the very best you can to govern your mood. For as long as you treat it as a temporary setback, that's ALL it can amount to. TEMPORARY. Choosing to stay high in a low time can help you productively navigate through to success on the other end. Nothing fruitful every came from old me and old me's funky attitude but SO MUCH good was a result of a changed mindset regardless of less than spectacular times.

Now, rain or shine, I choose to smile and remain in constant expectancy for things to turn the corner. I stay on a high note , often times, when I'm facing the most (just as I do when I feel like I'm on top of the world and everything's perfect) to allow my faith to take over . It was the best change I made for me several years ago and I encourage you to do the same! You can't make money moves being in a mood! The mind is in a fog and can't steer clearly when this happens. Set backs and disappointment may come, but you should make it your goal to keep your mood should stay intact. Your peace and overall outlook on life will thank you. Be empowered!


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