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The Blowout Blues...

I remember the first time I experienced the infamous sneeze n’ bloop in 6th grade. I was in the lunch line sporting tight-fitted overalls attached with one strap. I was looking fly so it was only right for a wardrobe malfunction to occur. This type of wardrobe malfunction was one I wasn’t anticipating. I was new in the whole “womanhood” thing and had no idea what a disaster it could be, ha, ha! I was thankfully in front of a friend, Thomas, who knew more than I did on the subject because he watched his sister experience the same! He came up close behind me and whispered with a wink, “I think you sat in some ketchup.” What was he talking about?... I look down to only realize that huge sneeze I had earlier turned into some major damage (Thank goodness he was amazing because he didn’t make it front page news.)! I remember how mortifying it was and pulling up to baby girl’s school a few months ago to rescue her from the same disaster took me all the way back.

Lucky me, I’m experiencing two new sets of blowouts simultaneously. Your girl decided to go at it again with this baby gig and honestly keeping the pooh from shooting up the back and “the ketchup” from running down the leg is another part time job. Candid but real life!

The items used play a big part in the outcome of these blunders. I’ve tried several brands and realized they all aren’t created equal; especially in the blowout department, ha, ha!! Options in both diapers and feminine hygiene have grown exponentially. Making a few changes in brands I purchase have definitely made an impact on lessening “fun” happenings! So, It’s a share!

L. Organics

Their pads were good but have recently gotten even better. Cotton and Chlorine free, it’s perfect for both a delicate princess and for the “been there, still there” Queen, lol. Having a heavier flow, thinner options just don’t cut it! We need protection as thick as a 3-layer cake over here, ha, ha!! They have an array of options and are gentle on the under carriage. We have experienced reduced pain and irritation as a result!

The (Honest) to Goodness Truth!

The Honest brand diapers hold a lot of “unicorn glitter”. They’re sleek and minimal design is only a bonus to their power-packed goodness. There’s a few brands that have developed a similar diaper but these are still winning. Beyond their cuteness, they are great for babies with sensitive skin (note: we use water wipes and the old fashion washcloth (for tough jobs) to reduce chances of irritation). Another nice finding was the absorbency of the wetness of the “unicorn glitter.” It makes cleaning so much easier!

These are literally the best brands I’ve found for sensitive skin and proactive prevention of the dreaded blowout!

I’ll be sharing a preteen/early teen and baby care checklist of “must haves” soon! Until next time🖤

P.S. Thank you, Thomas! You’re the real mvp! -xo


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