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Stoked about my Stokke!

It took us forever to decide on a stroller for baby girl! There were so many options...more than what we remember with our other two and we simply couldn’t decide. We wanted a sleek that Had a little personality without breaking the bank. At first, we considered the Uppababy stroller and felt like we were set. The price was a little meh, but it seemed like it had great features! Upon visiting the store to see it in person, I fell out of love. It was a nice stroller but didn’t really have the uniqueness I desired for the last stroller I’d be pushing, ha, ha! The color also played a part in the decision to forego the stroller as well. The hubs wanted the V2 stroller in Dusty Alice. Although it was cute, the first thing that came to mind was the full time job of striving to keep it clean.

Once I thought about the cleaning and much work would be involved, I decided to do further research! That’s when I found THE stroller for us!

Why I chose Stokke


Most strollers come at a standard height that is suitable for easy breakdown. I loved that this stroller sits higher (it is adjustable) to reduce exposure to exhaust fumes emitted from vehicles. Also, it fits all of our family's sizes, so everyone can push with ease.


For the mom who loves sleek and chic! I love the clean lines and the mesh top peekaboo provided. I love the leather handle bars and the cute little detachable umbrella shade that's going to be perfect for Summer. There's even a winter kit with handwarmers that's on my wishlist!


I am so excited about the many conversions available with the stroller. It is easily compatible with my Maxi Cosi and goes from bassinet to stroller with just a few clicks. The tires are sizeable and adaptable to various terrains which makes me excited to take a stroll.

I am so excited to use this stroller with baby girl! The icing on the cake was the CRAZY deal I got for this $1300 set of wheels. I'll be sharing just how it came about! *Adjusting my crown as we speak* #savingssavvy


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