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Sex drought: Setting the thirst trap!

Updated: May 20, 2021

Because honeyyyyy, I want to be caught, okay?!! ha, ha!! I have found the busier our lives become, the further water destinations seem (you catch my drift, lol). Intimacy CANNOT be one of the first things to diminish in your union when daily life gets hectic. Drought has to stop being an option, folks! We'll be each other's accountability partner in this!

Life comes fast and can often be hard; even when great things are happening. Why? Because EVERYTHING requires work. Read it again and say it twice. EVERYTHING should also include the entanglement of the two of you, too! Often, what requires creativity and flexibility in opportunity can have us running for the hills in frustration. The reality is, #homelife is the foundation for everything else. You wear the health of your home everywhere you show up. I know, deep right? Those are the revelations quarantine create and reiterate, ha, ha! Now, moving on to the topic: SEX and INTIMACY are large parts of your relationship. We know this but we sometimes like to act as though we don't. A restart or boost of encouragement could possibly all that’s needed to get back on track.


Spontaneity sounds ideal but can also spell infrequency when you add in career, family life and everything in between. Scheduling time for one another creates accountability and further stresses the importance.



Yes, keeping your skills sharp matters in your union and yes, we can all get a little rusty, ha, ha! Also, as we evolve, excitement may look differently. Keeping the communication constant on what is and IS NOT working is important. To whomever needs to hear this: A successful union includes tough conversations.

Let’s normalize intimacy not being a contingency and take sex out of forgotten “to do“ pile. This is your gentle reminder!


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