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My heart will soon be a black MAN: Open Letter

The other day on social media, I wrote: “This is my husband. This is my son. The head of our home pictured with my heartbeat. I am almost speechless (key word is ALMOST because regardless of how hurtful times become, I will forever be vocal and look for ways to ACT towards the protection, uplifting and safety of my black men as well as others). It is sad to think that of all advancements in America, correct and proper treatment and opportunity of black men is still missing. Stimulus?! Since this new one didn’t pass, I have one: Stimulate communities, families, businesses and everything aspect around this country by preserving our men more often than you seek judgement and lack care in how you handle our black men. Unjustifiable fear is not adequate reasoning to take a life. My man’s life. My son’s life. My love spans to all but my need is for mine. My community, my family, my life itself. You see, my men are irreplaceable, invaluable, needed, desired, my future and my life line🖤 I DEPEND ON THEIR NEXT BREATH🖤 I’m tired of RIP’ing!!! IT’S NOT HISTORY IF IT KEEPS REPEATING ITSELF.”

This was following yet another horrific murder of a black man. Yet another... I have to have conversations with my son that are very different than those of his school friends because he is an intelligent, cute black boy that will one day be a strong, incredible black man. I have To come to grips with the fact that I have to be a force that protects my son’s future; the very life itself. I have to settle with the fact that even though we have been blessed to give our children opportunity and he is not growing among rough inner city neighborhoods, that he faces an even bigger issue: Thugs in uniforms and entitled people who roam seeking to devour without consequence....

In my home, we show love to one another. We are examples of what it is to show respect for life. We express how we should love and accept those around us. We express being proud of our heritage and strive to help them understand the history with create cold hearts. We teach them to see color but see it as an opportunity to learn about the world around us while finding beauty in every hue. We stand by our faith and work to walk it out daily; not making concessions and exception based on our baseless hate for another. We intend EVERYDAY to be the change we want to see. But, there’s a problem with this picture. What?! The fact that this is what I’m teaching my children even though so many view them as the open season. Many see them as less than, the villain, a problem... the list goes on.

Why am I teaching my children this and it’s not being taught to other children? Why is it ok to hate inwardly and behind closed doors? Why is it ok to continue teaching hate? Why is it justifiable to kill someone and deem a life worthless based on color? Fact is, what we teach our children as well as make conscious choices to unlearn as adults is what creates a catalyst for change. If nothing else, white people resonate with having to tell your children they aren’t liked because of the color of their skin (something they can’t change)... imagine having to explain the possibility of someone attempting to take their life over $10, a cigarette, a misunderstanding, a blatant hate-fueled lie, jogging etc. As parents, we should all be able to feel the pain of how horrible that could be as we all strive to protect our little ones. You are able to imagine and empathize. Those in my community LIVE it.

I never feel safe when pulled over. I always have to consider calling cops could end my own life... but above all, I have to tell my young black son that those that have yet to meet his beautiful brilliance, kind heart and loving soul may already hate him and wish to take his life.

It starts at home, folks. Equality of COLOR and difference is taught in your four walls first. Be change because WE ALL deserve the best life offers. The depth of our skin should not decide that.

What are the contents of your character? Are you being a leader? Are you encouraging humanity, love and equality? Of all my over 5,000 subscribers, I am asking you to check yourself and make sure you are part of positive growth and necessary change. Break hate-fueling habits starting today. Help your children to understand what words really mean...they are the gateway to action; whether good or bad.

My boy needs and requires a world where he is able to equally thrive and have worth beyond what is measured in hue by others outside of our home. I depend on his next breath. Have regard for HUMAN life and act accordingly. This is a heart-breaking time. Beyond this, I want to shed light and promote love. I love each and every one of you...


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