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Labor Day: Rest and Relaxation

I used to always feel compelled to visit extended family on the holidays and rush around making dishes for very house we visited. Cheesecake here, potato salad there... I started to realize the holidays became a chore and not a time of enjoyment. I had to stop and realize: Alexas, you have a family (even if I didn't, this would still apply), you can cook and IT'S YOUR CHOICE HOW YOU DECIDE TO USE YOUR TIME. That last part has been so freeing and I cannot begin to tell you how much joy it has renewed. For many of us, we work and wear a thousand hats to those around us. When its time to kick back, you should do just that! It's great to host and fill everyone's bellies with great food, but you should never succumb to a certain level of stress to accomplish that. Bring the fun back and slow down!

We usually like to do something active, just the four of us, but we decided to #NetflixandGrill this Labor Day! We caught up on shows we enjoy, laughed together, played board games and devoured a delicious meal! What was on the table?! A mixed grill with hot dogs, sausage, hamburgers, steaks, rubbed pork chops, Mexican market corn, leafy greens, baked beans and "fight for the last bite" potato salad! I chose to do smaller quantities and a bigger variety this time when it came to the meat because we are "those people" that enjoy eating the left over barbecue for days to come. It's much nicer when there are different cuts and meats to enjoy for the next couple of days!

I hope everyone has a safe holiday and really enjoys the time together! Happy Labor Day!

- The Germans


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