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Keeping it Cute!

I'm starting my #postbaby fitness journey this week and I would love to say I'm thrilled but it would be far from the truth. I'm actually dreading it but excited about the results. It's always the hardest to get started...

One of my biggest motivators in getting it done is looking cute while doing it. Yes, cute workout apparel! It does something for my momentum to not look like I was styled by walkers from TWD, ha, ha! As simple as it sounds, sometimes the task of getting your clothing together can feel discouraging especially when you aren't interested in shelling out hundreds and yielding only a couple viable sweat-worthy options. I figured out a science that works for me and it may for you, too.

A match will land you a batch!

Keeping the color family consistent will allow you to mix and match; extending your wardrobe. Look through what retailers have available, as collections go in cycles, and visit your favorite brands to grab a piece in your selected color scheme. Before you know it, the options will multiply.

Kicks for all your picks!

Buy trainers and sneakers that coordinate with your available gear until you expand This ensures your ensemble is a hit every time! If you're undecided, white and/or black goes with most!

High rise is a prize!

I have fallen in love with high rise leggings. They are super forgiving on the #mombod and don't slide during rigorous activity. I'd say it's a win!

Feeling good can make an amazing difference in the out come of your fitness journey. Start here and keep going!


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