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Independent Thoughts...

Today is Independence Day for the United States of America. It commemorates the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776...

With tensions high, as those of us seeking justice demand change, it’s important all the more to draw your clear lines in the sand. It’s so easy these days to get wrapped up with current daily happenings. It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon without clearly understanding what these changes mean to you and your family. So many companies are scrambling to be politically correct and appease (key word “appease”) the masses. We must remember that true change comes when you understand and believe in what that change provides. When you move with anger or just to “be a part” vs. operating in passion, strength, education and rationality it can spell disaster and weakening of the message many of us strive so hard to convey.

The fact is, we need police, not police brutality. We need justice, not systematic racism. We need equality. We need freedom. We need reform of so many systems and change is a must! In this time, standing for the change you want to see and independently educating yourself on how to contribute to change AND then setting forth a course of action is the best way to demand your voice be heard. Don’t mindlessly go with a flock. Know your why and the why of those you desire change for. Banding together should never result in the blind leading the blind; which created a diminished message and a resemblance of fad vs. fight. Be for the fight!

Whether you believe in celebrating July 4th or choose to forego the holiday, be sure that you understand YOUR movement.


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