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In Da' Club!

The first person that came to my mind was 50 cent, you?! ha, ha!! "Go shawty, it's your birthday, we gon' party like it's ya birthday"... ok, ok. BACK to the subject, lol.


Choosing clubs and memberships to create more efficiency and a harmonious system is a golden ticket! When we think of clubs and memberships, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the gym. While that is a great one, there are other memberships that help you keep it together! My top three are:

  • Wholesale Club

Being a member comes in handy for parties, school functions and holidays; not to mention everything else in between.

  • Carwash

This is a parent life saver (even though this membership benefits everyone, it hits different when Cheetos from tiny fingers wedged in the seat stay on repeat, lol.)

  • Entertainment

This is a big one that continues to give. If you find you frequent venues as a family, consider purchasing a membership that allows you to enter freely at will!

When purchasing memberships, be sure your choices are relative to your home and other places you frequent. Search out all the benefits offered and how to best apply it to daily life in order to be effective for YOU and/or your crew.

Ex: We chose a carwash membership with additional locations. While traveling, we can use the service without paying extra and clean our vehicles once a day as needed. Because of it's close proximity to our neighborhood, we are able to zoom in and out without throwing off the days schedule!

Additives that help us to efficiently manage our lives is always beneficial in our efforts of taking care of all possess! Properly maintaining a Tesla will always matter more than being able to acquire the iPhone on wheels. How you manage matters! Let's step it up and get in da club!


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