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Heels up, wheels down: Cleaning & Careening

Cleaning my home has been dual purpose for so many years. Its a great way to get random tasks done simultaneously. I realized that I moved the most while cleaning, so I decided to make it count! You know how I feel about shoes so you probably knew where this was going, ha, ha! There are three amazing benefits to wearing your heels and boots while bustin’ suds!

Poise & Posture

You are more conscious of your stride when you are wearing heels or shoes that cause you to keep continuous balance. Even if you aren't a heel wearer in everyday life, wearing them to do tasks will definitely elevate your awareness and improve you glide.


Leather shoes can be extremely tight right off the shelf. Grab your favorite stretching solution or a pair of thick socks (hee, hee!!...sorry, MJ came to mind.) and walk it out. After a few hours, your shoes will be noticeably more comfortable!

Killer Calves

Talk about effortless toning! Your calves benefit GREATLY from the constant incline. Sculpt your way in just an hour a day! This is a simple way to care the aesthetic and strengthen your lower leg.

It's all about multitasking when you have a super busy life. While everything can't be a dual task, this one is a no brainer; making it a MUST DO. Work on you as much as you can! You matter more than your contributions!


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