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Days in motion with devotion...

Do you have a daily regimen?! If so, what’s usually in it for you?

Many times, the day can be packed with tasks, full of stressors and riddled with constant demands. How you start you day can often be the determining factor in how the day actually goes. When I was younger, my mom would make us read a devotional every morning before school. It was the absolute most because I just couldn’t understand (at the beginning) why it was so important.

Day after day, we read and wrote what seemed like extra work I could’ve done without during the school week. After a while, it went from task to life line... You see, how you start determines your day-end. Affirming, edifying and building your inner man can make all the difference in how you cope with each day and how successful you are at accomplishing yesterday’s impossible. Why engage in daily devotionals?

Centering Focus

When you keep a positive view, it helps in remaining at peace during daily demands by simply keeping your eyes on the prize! When you are focused on the outcome or what you desire to see happen more than what it takes to get it done, you are likely to carry the grace to actually get it done!

Expression in Words

Journaling and/or jotting down what you understood or were feeling after reading a devotional can provide a new level of self-awareness and a written reminder proactive on specific instances where those words ca be applied.

Deposits you can withdraw from...

When you start your day positively and filled with affirmations that are relevant in daily dealings, when situations get tough, you can pull from those earlier words; making it easier to accomplish better choices.

Starting how you want to finish applies to so many areas in life. Give your day a fighting chance by getting started right!


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