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Cutting was the easy part...

I can tell one more child I was cut open for them, ha, ha!! Truly, I am still in if the sleepless nights didn’t make being a mom of three (with the newest being a newborn) all the more real, lol.

On March 17, Gabrielle made her debut and I am now six weeks postpartum. While transitioning to a family of five hasn’t been too rough, I can recall better days with this whole recovery thing. I’m actually healing much faster this time around, but I have definitely felt the pain has been far more intense than before. So much so, it seems like the cutting was the easy part (even though it certainly was NOT)...

Getting Out

The typical hospital time following birth for mothers who have cesareans is usually four days before you are considered ready for discharge. I left after two. Due to Covid-19 happening in the midst, I was determined to get home as soon as possible to be amongst my OWN germs. I challenged myself to walk and move independently ahead of schedule to accomplish the goal. Well, it worked and I was out of there faster than the cafeteria jello could make it to my room. What I wasn’t ready for: the real ness going home which meant the real work was just beginnng.

Being in quarantine, homeschooling AND bedroom bound at the same time was proving to be a lot to handle and I didn't expect it to have such an affect on me mentally the way it had. I‘m still coping! Staying on one level of the house was super tough and stressful mainly because I was limited in capability and was unable to flow productively like in times past. Literally, I have been one step away from asking if you’ve seen my childhood, ha, ha! #sendhelp

The pain that was constant and most felt (besides the obvious) was gas pain in my shoulders (the absolute worst) as well as the turntable my stomach became for every nurse and tech. Ouch!!!! When having a csection, the anesthesia locks up many of your bodily functions and at times, gas gets locked in your shoulders due to it traveling up instead of down, as it normally would. That alone almost took me out! I was a trooper, though, as I was determined to be released as soon as possible. As you can see, I’m still scratchin’ and survivin’... good times! ; )

At-home Care

After breastfeeding two children for 4 years, I was excited to NOT have to do it again; even though it was not by choice (refer to blog post “A little bubbly out of the jubblies“). Little did I know, this would be a lifesaver as my incision and pain management required more around the clock care and attention than before. I don’t know how I would’ve survived doing both simultaneously! #GabbyMack decided she wanted to shift sideways right before delivery and was more than stubborn when it was time to make her debut. I felt like the good doctor was digging for forever and a day. He was basically elbow deep in what, by looking at the pictures, looked like a horrific magic trick Where they pull tons of craziness out of a small object. I was pretty much a clown car that had my husband‘s head spinning in confusion. It was the first thing he wanted to discuss after recovery, ha, ha!

(Warning: Graphic Images!!)

Due to the whole ordeal, I was far more sore than in times past. Being that the medications given often create constipation, drowsiness etc., I had to make the tough choice to wean myself off of them earlier to assist in my recovery.

Once home, I continued to do what I like to call ”the turntable” on myself (helps with reduction of pooling blood and helps reduce tummy swelling) and cleaning gently. Everything seemed to be moving along normally until my steri-strips fell off in the shower. That wasn’t abnormal being that they were on the incision for 10+ days... what was abnormal?! The JANKY smell that I discovered after they were gone. I immediately went to every forum and webmd entry to self-diagnose. Panicked, I was almost certain I had an infection and made myself sick worrying if they would have to reopen the incision like webmd said. Oh no!!!! (You know webmd will have you thinking you only have 2 1/2 days to live ha, ha!!) I went to see my doctor and was relieved to find that it was just a buildup of skin cells trapped my the steri-strips. Whew! He gave me a new regimen that worked like a charm and now I am almost completely closed up... and I‘m back to smelling amazing head to toe! #blessed

For now, I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m awaiting full closure and the ability to take a super hot bath! #itsthelittlethings Once my incision completely closes, I can begin light fitness and continue getting me back. Honestly, I CAN wait even though I’m super excited to return. This time around, taking it one day at a time is the perfect pace! I‘m so glad I was able to share the days leading up to delivery and can’t wait to take you along on this journey of newness and adventure for our family!


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