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Created Under Pressure

Times like these are what our character is made of. Who will you be tomorrow? Six months from now? Six years from now?

Many of us have lost a few friends, become strained with a couple family members and have experienced division, stress, discomfort or loss. Honestly, when these situations happen it's important to remember those meant for you will continue to support the growth of your relationship. Those that dwindled may have just saved you later disappointment.

Trying times call for a higher desire to persevere. How you handle yourself in these times will be a testament of your character AND desire to proceed at cultivating your best life and perfecting your love towards others. You certainly appreciate what's genuine more when you understand the journey taken to stay the course.

It's most important to remember a few things:

  • You matter and you ARE enough

  • You aren't alone in these type of experiences

  • The best is yet to come

  • Your strength and resilience will shine when needed most

How do you tackle the tough times? ONE DAY AT A TIME. If you don't feel each step of progress taken, you are sure to feel overwhelmed and defeated. You were destined to win, so give yourself a fighting chance! Keep going. You're on a path to an even greater you!

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