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Come together...right now!

Unity is one of the most beneficial acts yet one of the hardest to achieve. From family to causes, coming together is imperative in yielding results that create a safe landing for growth.

I recently found my family at a crossroads due to actions that greatly impacted the family dynamic. Almost instantly, division crept in. Just like many, we are still navigating the waves. Even though coming together is important, getting there can be tough when there is no foundation of unity already in place. You ever wonder why it seems easier to just scatter than to draw closer? Well, THIS is why! Truth is, it's up to everyone (not just a person or two) to work at maintaining unity. It's up to ALL to carry the same standards, even if another temporarily falls short.

All that you care about and even the change that you want to see in society requires constant effort, a CLEAR message and intent and willingness to carry the torch for all and whom you're passionate about. How can we accomplish this:

Talk about it!

Regardless of how uncomfortable, hurtful or tough, you must openly discuss the issues. When you communicate, you establish accountability, a level of trust and better distribution of the heavy load. Family meetings and community forums are great spaces to begin the "heal before the fuse".

The game plan

Create a way to accomplish becoming unified that serves all involved. The real: The search for solutions doesn't brush issues under the rug, it deals with them head on. Once everyone has been able to express important components and all that matters is shared, you can begin creating the pathway to address areas that need healing and repair. A plan of action provides hope in the darkest of situations. It's worth it to give it some effort.

Rearrange to distribute

Sometimes, we rely on others to keep things together. Even the simplest of things such as gatherings and holidays. What happens when the one you rely on to carry the family becomes the issue, can't continue being the backbone or priorities seemingly change? When you think about it that way, it sounds pretty silly for it to have been one person's responsibility all along, doesn't it? Because it is. Everyone who benefits from effective unification should equally share responsibility in the healthy connection.

Issues will happen... Tough times will be... Even in those times, you can still thrive as a unit and cradle the fragile while on the road to recovery. Don't let a lack of unity spell the end for all the fullness life can offer. Come together, right now!!!


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