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“Boss Mommy”

When you’re an entrepreneur or business owner plus the added task of being a mom, you have to consider your “not so silent“ business partners. Being a parent is a full time job. Being a mom is like pulling a double while being pre-med and underfed, lol. Making your business successful and keeping everyone alive and thriving is like chasing the “golden ticket” that flew out of your briefcase across a busy highway filled with scattered legos trying to take you down; and it’s only lunch time, ha, ha!! While it’s not that bad all the time, it can feel that way when you aren’t prioritizing your goals enough to schedule accordingly. If you don’t take your time seriously, neither will your family. Trust me. How rude, right?! Lol...

Let me start with this statement before I proceed: getting it all done may require you to rise much earlier than before. (This one gut punched me ha, ha!!! your girl is tired!!!) Trust me, you will get used to it. Moving on...

Write it down, Make it plain!

What’s your business plan Q1-Q4? What is necessary physically, financial and emotionally to make it happen? What’s your timeline? These are all questions that should be answered first. It’s now time to execute a schedule!

Progress Report (before and after changes)

“One must first evaluate in order to be great”

How is your productivity before changing anything? Once you put together a schedule you think will work, give it a week and then evaluate it’s ability to help you get it all done. You can always twerk (save that victory dance for later!), I mean tweak what doesn’t work. you should have a working plan within a month.

Outsource as a resource!

Girl, you better use that instacart, home cleaning service or mini-care!! All things aren’t always affordable for everyone but if you can use any of these at least once a month it will yield amazing results and grant you more time in your days. Reworking you’re budget to include home cleaning or a nanny once a month may be a key in getting even more done. If you have family and can negotiate an all-day care twice a month or a weekend, it’s worth exploring! We know we can do it all but shouldn’t if we don’t have too. Period. I am learning this as we speak.

Examples: Are you beast mode several days out of the week? On the days that you schedule home cleaning, make it a family fun day and spend hours of quality time. Are you on a “work-in-the-meantime-and-inbetween-time“ type schedule? Use the time you hire a nanny twice a month to be completely work zoned And finish those tasks that required undivided attention or longer than a couple evening hours.

A TRUTH: If you have a personal chef (this classified as fast food or fine dining restaurants outside the home) and additionally cook for yourself (you purchase groceries), it‘s HIGHLY likely that you can afford home cleaning services and possibly even a nanny a couple times a month, if you desire it. It’s all about how you choose to spend your money.

Nap time is for you!

This is your time to shine. This is also why a KEPT schedule is necessary. You should be scheduling all meetings and interactions that involve others at this time. People WILL work with a schedule that’s organized. Ask for what you want. When you pitch or create a plan, have these times in mind ALWAYS. That way, you rarely have to reschedule.


I instantly went back to the early 2000, ha, ha!! “Bye, bye”(dance break)... This means more than Justin Timberlake’s curly fro with frosted tips. This is a big reason why planning is so key and vital to you getting your “IT” done. Make sure you have a visible copy of your plans for business needs available for the family to view. They don’t have to be detailed but it is a must to include the time, place and what’s needed from them, if anything.

Creative Juice + The Multitask

I keep a handy, dandy notebook readily available at all times and text myself frequently. Jotting down an idea, strategy or solution to a previous issue as it comes, is a great way to counteract the #mombrain so many, including myself, struggle with. Example: Looking for a new storefront? Little one has to be in tow? Write down places you’re interested in viewing AND parks in the area (Or fun eateries or hidden gems if kids are older). Take breaks in between viewing appointments and let the minis get the energy out. It’s more enjoyable for all parties involved and the kids will be more apt to behave. I research the area of everywhere I go to be one step ahead! I also always keep a small bag for instances like this.

House shut down

This needs to be a time that all house tasks, routines and happenings need to be over. This time, while custom to your individual/household needs, is still early enough for you to commit to doing every evening (without dozing, lol). Two ours an evening can create some amazing stability for your business.

KEY: “What you prioritize will stay priority.” It’s OK to be a mom. It’s OK to let it be known that you are a mom. When you’re professional, organized and awesome at what you do, others WILL respect your time, your hustle and essentially you being a mom. You will find MANY (even those that can’t relate) become accommodating to YOUR priorities.

Often times, we don’t ask for what we want/need because of mom guilt or trying to be available/accommodating because you know you are the lifeline of the family. I learned the hard way that you must be an advocate for yourself if you expect success. So, let’s do this! Those goals aren’t going to crush themselves!

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A. Guru
A. Guru
14. Juli 2020

@Talitha Yes ma’am! Thank you! I have to remind myself frequently! We’ve got this!🖤

Gefällt mir

Talitha Matthews
Talitha Matthews
14. Juli 2020

Needed this reminder this morning!! Great read!

Gefällt mir
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