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Boo-Yah: The best of Halloween!

Halloween itself is a fun time for many but being the #savingsqueen I am, I'm most happy when Halloween is over!!! I stock up on all the crafts, costumes, décor, and more to be prepared for next year and really year round! You should be doing this too!! Even if you don't go full throttle for Halloween festivities, you can still utilize the savings! Starting November 1st, all prices will be slashed and some stores have already begun. Places like Michaels and Joann fabrics have already marked Halloween and Thanksgiving items down to 70% off!!!! Why and how can you use these types of savings?! Guru's got you and I breaking down all the reasons to get on board and grab what you can!


I usually wait exactly one week out to get the best clearance price for places like Target on costumes. By this time, they are usually 70% off and under $10. You can save the costumes for next year or use this as an opportunity to stock up your child's dress up bin. Masks, costumes, accessories and more all for pennies on the dollar. My son has the best play dates following an "after Halloween" haul, ha, ha!!

Baking goods and crafts

Thinking ahead is the best way to save some cash!! Planning is always key. If you have kids or have frequent holiday parties, this is an awesome time to get cute cupcake wrappers, treat totes, sprinkles, placemats and more for basically nothing! These are non-perishable items (sprinkles have a very long shelf life) that you can use for so many gatherings. I always buy bulk crafts and sign up immediately the following year for my kids' school party to provide crafts. I save money and land really nice crafts; landing me the coveted #momcontributor of the year for their class, lol. #WINNING


All things Fall, not just Halloween, get discounted simultaneously. This is the time to get your wreaths, tealight holders, runners and cute plaques to bring in the holiday cheer. Party goods like festive napkins, chargers and pillows are at the best price to load up! Stop by your favorite home décor stores within the next two weeks to get the prettiest things at the best prices BEFORE it gets picked over. Pier 1 and World Market are always on my list to pay a visit!

Big Savings Alert: Michaels has now started doing set-priced holiday boxes directly after the holiday and they are filled to the top for only $3-$4!!! They are large (moving type) boxes filled with crafts and décor. This is a deal you really can't beat being that they are stuffed with items that were previously worth more than $150!!!


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