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Beyond the Box

Cereal is the quick go-to breakfast for adults and kids alike! While a nice cold bowl can be satisfying late at night, having it for breakfast can easily become redundant. Often times, especially in family life, just the thought of creating non-cereal break

fasts can feel unattainable. Are they? Nope. What does it require? Planning!

Creating your menu for the week is the first place to get started. Note morning with more time and mornings where there are time adjustments needed. Going week-by-week can give you an opportunity to stick with the plan and execute it successfully. Now to the "what" (the best part!)

Chicken and Egg White Muffin

We love the egg white grill at one of our favorite restaurants so much, I started making them at home! English muffin, chicken breast, American cheese and egg whites ar

e all you need to create one super breakfast sammie! Grilling 1/2 pieces of chicken breast cutlets and slicing cheese (in half, sandwich size) at the beginning of your week will cut daily prep time down to three minutes max. all that's left is to fry your egg and toast your muffin. You can do this!


Try quick, 1-minute oats. They taste better the instant pack and takes less time than the old fashioned rolled oats. Add apples, cranberries and walnuts to step it up and provide a power-packed breakfast will carry you for several hours. No energy the day of? Overnight oats are magical and do it all for you in a simple jar. Pop the top and scoop! I'll be sharing

a tasty recipe through email! Be sure you're subscribe to receive the tastiness!

Burrito y 'Dilla (lol...)

Breakfast burritos and quesadillas are a fave and reserved for mornings where we have a couple extra minutes. Precooking your meat (if you desire it) makes the process go faster but we love simple egg n' cheese paired with a zesty salsa! You can use the same type of tortilla for both. Ensure you have a large pan to cook simultaneously for a large crowd!

Mixing it up for breakfast can be the pick-me-up the family needs! Start with these easy recipes and shake things up!


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