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Back on track!

I will start off with a little transparency...I'm stressed to the max!!!!! Ok, now that I got that off my chest, lets talk...

Mrs. #SimplyandOrganize recently realized the train had derailed!! I found work uncompleted, missed assignments and was met with appalling progress reports from the "kid genius" AND the "brilliant creative". Imagine

my dismay, anguish, irritation and frustration (you probably don't have to imagine, you might just be living it right now, ha, ha!!). The short span of our move has dismantled every process/system that was set to ensure success! Whyyyy!

It's so easy to get off track yet the process for progress is harder than expectation. Simply put, it's just a mess. Needless to say, we are on a mission to return. There are a few places to start if you find yourself needing to reset:

Get Organized

Go through all of your children's belongings together and reorganize work, supplies and books/materials. After going through Joshua's mayhem, I discovered SO MCH unfinished work! I almost melted on spot...smh. Many tasks were not completed because they were lost in the shuffle and immediately forgotten. Treat every child as if they are 100% visual when it comes to organization. Get folders for completed work (per subject) and a blaring colored folder ( we chose red) that houses work that still needs to be completed. If you have a rolling caddy (I strongly recommend) reorganize it according to subject and require items to be put back exactly that way. It's a lot harder to lose what is properly organized. With us being virtual, we also have a "completed work" file for each subject just incase the teacher ask for it while grading.

Revise/ Revisit Schedule

Review what's working and all that isn't. Often times, small changes in schedule make a big impact in getting everything accomplished. It hurts, but sometimes you have to take a week off from the extra-curricular to refocus and reestablish weekly priorities. Get with your child's teachers and a revised copy of the schedule as things change frequently. It is easier to ensure everyone is on task when you know, down to the minute, where everyone is supposed to be. Sound like Shawshank? It is, when results are required, ha, ha!

"The Great Takeback"

Distractions are a routine's worst enemy. So, take them away. All electronics, phones and entertainment get removed. Sunday nights are check-in and Friday nights are check-outs (if we've been on task during the week). Consistency is vital in making this a great tool to regroup each week.

Weekly progress report

This is very simple but goes a long way as positive reinforcement matters. We are often vocal when we are disappointed, frustrated and upset. Its important to be vocal about progress, too. Acknowledge one great thing you noticed them accomplish in the week and give them a shout out during family time on the weekend! Feeling noticed encourages the efforts and keeps things balanced.


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