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... and just like that, you're a HOMESCHOOLER!!!

Updated: May 1, 2020

I'd like to welcome all the newcomers (including myself ) to your new job that starts Monday! I often times see memes where the parents are turning to immediate frustration over homework and it cracks me up! But now, friends, you are the teacher, too, ha, ha!!!Isn't life funny?!

Even for families who already homeschool, being indefinitely housebound is a reality that many are fearful to face with these little 2.0's (our kiddies). So many parents are upset, frustrated and stressed about the days to follow. Even childless families are worried as they pack up and prepare to work from home... the work from home part seemed great until you found out bae also received the same news and now you will be stuck like glue, ha, ha! "Sharing space 24/7 just might be what does us in", you think to yourself. This is a reality for MANY and wrapping our heads around the Corona virus and the aftermath that's still unfolding may all just seem too much at once. Life has seemingly been cancelled... or has it?!...

Could life be getting a reset? A priority reordering?... Sure, you can look at what's happening for all the reasons it can drive you crazy but you can also look at what can blossom. This can be just what your family needs to get back on track in all the best ways. All outside distractions are quieted and work with one another begins!

How do we brave Homeschooling?!

STRUCTURE, folks!!!! You can do it! Many schools are providing virtual resources in addition to lesson plans to help us new teachers out. For sanity reasons, it goes far beyond that... Don't know where to start with structuring the day? Review your child's current school schedule and model at-home learning after it. Don't need a blueprint? Awesome! Start by figuring out a new schedule that works for you. Print this schedule to ensure everyone is on the same page. Consistency is key. Sticking to whatever schedule set in place will be key in successfully navigating the learning at home. Set meal times, free time, electronics time and reading will all benefit the entire household. Choosing designated areas for work is necessary to provide focus and set patterns for extended at-home stay. This even applies to working from home as adults! I will be posting our schedule to in efforts to assist in helping you get your plan together on the "Parenting" tab. Making supplies readily available helps everyone stay on track. Pens, pencils, workbooks and paper all need to be in one place. Have multiple children? Designated work areas and supply areas for each is an awesome way to keep it all organized. Utilize the beginning of each week to gather work and resources. Setting up a reward system for staying on task, completing work, etc is a great way to get everyone excited with the new changes.

Ok... and the crazy new coworker, eh hem, I mean spouse?!

STRUCTURE, folks!! ha, ha!! All the same applies minus having to teach them math facts, lol. If you have a home office, you are one step ahead of the game. If not, creating a designated area for each of you to hold conference calls, virtual meetings, etc. will be effective in assuring you each have creative space to be successful throughout each day. Having quiet time and set time to discuss work, home and enjoy leisure are great healthy boundaries that need to be in place as you go into this new territory. I will also be sharing how we accomplish this on the "Two to Tango" tab!

And now... the fun!!!

Create new memories! While the world is panicked outside, it is your job to work together creating a safe space for you and your family. This is the time to talk, connect, date and create temporary traditions that have lasting effects. Example: I plan to have movie night twice a week as a perk of the new reality. Additional "Corona Perks" (laugh a little : )): Extended bedtimes, hands-on experiments, day dates with bae ( now, I don't have to leave the house to stop by the office for lunch #winning), "fancy" breakfasts, etc. Weekend vibes during the week...

Yes, you may have just received your undesired new title as the new homeschooler and yes, its scary but use this time to reestablish your family, an encouragement in learning and excitement in loving once again. It's not the end of the world (said nervously, ha, ha!) but even if it was, you're with those that matter most! Let's rise to the challenge. After all, we are literally in this together. More power to you, my loves! Use this time as the best investment in family you will make to date!

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