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A place for the Princess: #GabbyMack has a new pad!

The nursery is finished, folks! I couldn’t be more elated! So many questions came in on the items so I’m giving all the details! Functionality and ease of tidiness was key for me. I‘ve truly been delivered from the overflow spirit, ha, ha!!

When Bailey was small, there were trinkets galore and every space was filled; only to really use half of the items. It was then that I realized more isn’t always best. Pro-cleanliness and safe spaces are the main bullet points when creating a kids’ room. Think of the big pieces you need and goal yourself to keep as much off the floor as possible with your design. I chose a unicorn, moon & stars theme (with pearl accents) for the space and I am so in love. Whimsical yet calming is what I was going for.

The show stoppers were definitely the ceiling lighting, ball pit and crib!

The diamond chandelier (from overstock) was heavy on the sparkle and the biggest bang for my buck! The pieces were great quality and it was easy to assemble! Lighting can instantly elevate the look of any room!

We received our amazing crib from our virtual baby shower. It’s the Farmhouse Eclectic from Child Craft! It has a modern yet rustic vibe that I plan to fully utilize through all of its stages! It‘s an off-white color with a nice sleek construction!

This room addition has been the toughest to keep everyone away from... it‘s the ball pit! I have had a ball pit for each child through the years, but nothing as elaborate as this one. Pits like these didn’t exist! I was used to the inflatable, pool-like pit with the generic balls that came along with. I instantly fell in love with this custom, cushioned ball pit from Amazon. Like, where had it been all my life??!

All decor was a mash up of Target, Stein Mart, Amazon and HomeGoods! All the items and alternatives will be on under my profile. Making your nursery as unique as they are is definitely a project worth giving a go!

Start with your bedding and linens. Pull from those items and buy beyond nursery decor. Pull in elements that aren’t juvenile (kid themed and targeted) to create a custom look that you’ll be proud of! I hope this provides inspiration for your next kids room project. My next room will be my son’s. He’s over the pirate/at sea theme, lol! #liketkit


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