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A Home Refresh: the Magic 3

Making your house a home is a constant work. To get it just right, it's all about trial and error. If you're at all like me, You're always looking to spruce up your home with minimal cost and are always looking to revise what doesn't work.

I am currently revamping a few rooms in the house and always enlist a few steps to avoid unnecessary costs, to recycle what's still useful and revive my space with the element of freshness! You can utilize many of these tools whether you are just moving in or doing a complete overhaul of your space. Happy decorating!

Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

This is big, simply because we all desire for pieces within our home to be purposeful without adding to clutter. First, Evaluate your space. Observe what works and what needs to be removed. List the items that you feel will make the room complete. Once you have made your list, it's time to hunt! Internet research and visiting your favorite home décor stores allows you to compare prices and items to see what will work best. With your budget in mind, choose the items that will best work and create a timeline to get them all purchased and in the space. By making a plan, you are less likely to detour and more likely to not overspend or buy on a whim. Tip: Always keep your receipts. Home décor retailers have great return policies and you want to give yourself the best opportunity to get something else, should your first choice not work in the space.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Who doesn't love a new look with no money spent?! This is one of my favorite things to do because I always can find better use in another part of my home for an item. To do this, you simply go through your home and look through each room. Look for misplaced items or those that no longer fit the current space. Chances are, the items collected fit better in other spaces in the home. Once you've rearranged and optimized you pieces, consider selling what no longer fits in your space. You can easily make a couple bucks to buy a new perfect fit. I have created completely new rooms from my own items on many occasions and it's the simplest way to breathe new life into your space!

Revive and Alive:

Carefully selecting and adding new plants into your space can give a whole new fresh vibe! I kill everything, so finding easy care plants that just require water and minimal sunlight are always my go-to.

Painting your walls can also add dramatic change to your space. Stop by your local Home Depot or Lowes to choose a must have hue! Wanna save some cash?! Stop by there "oops" (previously mixed) paint section to see what available before shopping regular price. You can get some pretty expensive paint for only a few dollars!!! Talk about savings! Note: If I find a color that I love but need it a little lighter or darker, I will ask the paint technicians to alter it. This is something they'll gladly do! (Be sure to always get paint shaken that has been sitting.)

Another great way to make a space more fresh is to get new picture frames. Seems odd, right?! Well, I originally have frames in my living room that were silver with black trim. Changing the frames to white IMMEDIATELY brightened the entire space. What's on the walls determines the list distribution in the room. Try this and see how awesomely this works!

Hopefully, you now some ideas on what you can do to breathe new life into your space! I'd love to see what you've come up with! Share and be featured!!

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