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Perfect Pouts: Lip Stains for the W-I-N!!

I have been pretty open about my laziness when it comes to reapplying lips day in and day out... In fact, I have expressed my love for lip stains and them allowing me to be lazy on more than one occasion, ha, ha!! Everywhere I go, I am constantly asked about my vibrant color choices, even application and my superb lasting power! I'm letting the cat out of the bag for the rest of everyone... I am doing NOTHING to make any of this happen, lol. I'm about to make life easier and have you strutting down the runwa-, I mean sidewalk and owning it! I'm getting everybody hip to the game of the glorious lip stain. All are NOT created equal and I'm sharing my top 3 brands now!!

#1 SEPHORA "least drying"

Coming in at around half the cost of many popular brands, the Sephora lip stains are a must have! I tried one on a whim a few years back and it has been magical ever since! Sephora is my first choice because I find them to be the least drying of all lip stains ( and I have tried at least 15 different brands ranging in price points). I love that If I have eaten or wiped some of my hue, It's easy to touch up without having to completely redo; which is a #win for a girl like me that doesn't like investing a lot of time but enjoys looking like I did, lol. At $14, they're a steal and grant beautiful lips all day.

#2 SMASHBOX "hot hues"

Smashbox is bae... I love their stains so much! They have all the colors you will ever need! I love that there are at least 3-4 shades of one color to give options to finding the right shade for your tone. Recently, I desired a nude and was overly picky because I didn't want to look like pookie in "New Jack City" just trying to pull the look off (this is a no judgment zone, ha, ha!) so I knew Smashbox would be my best bet. Much to my excitement, there were 6 different nudes to choose from!! I found the perfect one for me and have been rocking it ever since. It's all season and lends a whole know look depending on what I've decided for the rest of this face. I always feel like I've walked away with perfection and feeling confident in my color choices!

#3 M.A.C "hostess of the mostess"

Value is always high on my list because I am always looking for a deal! M.A.C has beautiful colors that are heavily pigmented and more so standout because they are the largest tube available for lip stains outside of stopping by your local drugstore. They also last the longest before drying out if you haven't used them in a while. They are the stain that keeps on giving. If you're anything like me, the cap is easily removeable so you can access the last drop of gloriousness, lol. M.A.C. always has a container turn in program on many items, including lippies, that allows you to get FREE lipstick. I'm going to say it again...F.R.E.E!! Who doesn't love a recycling and doing some good while you look good??! they are doing the most in all the best ways!

If I do nothing else, I always spring for lips because they are a whole mood! A quick perk up and attitude enhancement always brightens my day. Get into lip stains and let them change your life! Go find you color faves and create the perfect pout!

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