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Valentine's Exchange: Candy Free!

It's almost February 14th and guess what?! School Valentine's exchange is upcoming. Am I the only parent that looks for other gifts to give each child in place of the cliché candy on card???! No? Just me? Ok. Many of you may say, "sis, you're doing the most!"...But for those of you interested in stepping outside the candy box and going a different route, I have some cute inexpensive ideas for gift exchange that will get the kids excited! I must warn you that if you raise the bar, the minis will expect you to come with it EVERY YEAR, so be prepared, ha, ha!

Dividing Craft Kits

Your local arts and crafts stores have an abundance of these kits that make between 12 and 25 individual creations! The kids will love receiving this gift from your minis and will look forward to the hands on experience! Many arts and craft stores have a 50% off coupon you can utilize, if regular price. Most Valentine's items are on DEEP discounts as we speak. package the craft in cute festive bags and voila!

Cookie Fun

Kids love cookie cutters! This is really a gift that keeps on giving as they can use it for years to come and possibly use with their families next year! The holiday cutter come in sets and can be divided attached to cello bags with a cookie treat inside. This will be a hit! Another option is to make dipped Oreos and bag them up! Dipped Oreos is a great way give a more lavish treat and come out spending the same or less than tear n' fold cards and candy. You will need candy melts, Oreos and any embellishments you prefer. That's it! Need the whole rundown?! contact me!

Favorite Snack

Choose to give your child's favorite snack as a V-day gift. Have your child write a small, handwritten note to each student in class that compliments or affirms something nice about each of them. This is the simplest idea but will truly make the most impact. Having your child write something nice about a school friend will encourage them to think positively on others while the recipients feel extremely special receiving the customized snack. Write down a list of snacks your mini loves and check to see what's on BOGO/sale at your local grocery store to possibly save a few bucks!

These are some great, personalized ways to share love for your Valentine's Day exchange at school. Hopefully there's a few more of you choosing to be creative this year! I'd love to see what you come up with!

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