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Rise from the ash!

I've been very open about my dryness and my resolution to banish being ashy for good! This was really the biggest change I desired to make this year...don't judge me, ha, ha! Honestly, I wash my hands a lot and hate feeling slippery in my clothes which makes for quite the conundrum. I would moisturize at night but this had proven to not be enough to handle this dryness. I even tried in-shower oils but one too many slips ended that rather quickly...

I am so proud to announce that I have found a remedy to my dryness! (I wouldn't be the Guru?! Who Knew! if I didn't, right?!). You know me, I always have to get to the bottom of things and find what works. I already use Dove deep moisture body wash; which has helped my efforts tremendously! New to the party are these products I've recently added:

1. Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

This product is amazing! I love the gentle exfoliation it provides while adding additional moisture to my suffering skin. Using a small amount goes a long way and I absolutely love the way my skin feels afterwards. It's gentle enough to use daily and I've been going strong all for days of this new year, ha,ha!

2. Nivea In-Shower for Extremely dry skin

I follow up with this in-shower lotion to top of my ash-banishing efforts...

Using about a half dollar sized amount, I rub this all over to lock in moisture without being left to feel sticky. It's just the right consistency to get the job done. I transferred mine into a pump dispenser to cut down on messiness and for easier use. I have sensitive skin and this has been great in helping me achieve this goal with minimal reaction. If you have severely sensitive skin, Eucerin In-Shower is another amazing moisturizer than can be used in place of the Nivea. Our whole family is dry (figures, lol) and I use the Eucerin for the kids and it is absolutely amazing! It provides the same amount of moisture while being fragrance free!

My skin is feeling fancy! I don't know what took me so long but better late than never! At night, I lather up with a shea butter and avocado oil mix to added more moisture during my skin's recovery while sleeping. I'm like butta, baby!!!!! I have risen from the ash!

Dry like me?! Give these items a try and tell me how they worked for you!

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