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Extracurricular for the particular!

Finding hobbies that compliment the complexity of one's personality can be trial and error; especially for those of us who are VERY particular about how we spend our time...Either way you go, be sure to feed your being as it will most certainly fulfill your life. I have a little bit of everything going on and mapping out my plan according to my likes always yield a great experience. Visiting one new place can open a door for you to experience other adventures! Many times, we just need to know where to start on our road to discovery and enjoyment. Here a few ideas on places to start the journey...

The Creative - A colorful mind, you display self-expression through your creations

1) Drop-in paint classes

2) Learning a new dance style

3) Home improvement workshops

4) Visiting Art Galleries

5) Spoken word

6) Drawing/Instructor led art

7) Blogging/ Vlogging

8) Arts and crafts

9) Home Décor weekend projects

The Bookworm- Reading and literature is your escape that introduces new places and ideas

1) Book clubs

2) Book signings and showcases

3) Take a trip book setting centered (literary tour)

4) Mystery dinners

5) Writing workshops

6) Discover and listen to old records

7) Enter a reading Challenge

8) Start your own collection

9) Volunteer at the library for group reading

The Competitor- Although not on your birth certificate, "winner "might as well be your middle name! Competition increases the excitement of the activity for you

1) Participate in a tough mudder

2) Bar trivia! (You can enjoy happy hour while you're there and even win cool prizes; including cold hard cash!)

3) Game nights and talent shows

4) Arcades

5) Join a league

6) Automobile or Antique restoration

7) Enter a 5K

8) Golfing

9) Escape rooms

The Adventure Seeker- You love taking risks and enjoy the thrill of the unknown

1) Learn to fly

2) Skydive (indoor skydiving is a more controlled option)

3) Camp out

4) Nature hikes

5) Kayaking or Canoeing

6) Learning to surf

7) Scuba diving

8) Join a survival group

Get into You and try something new!

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