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The Germans: Savannah-fana-fo-fana!

We had an amazing time!! It was an impromptu trip that was great from beginning to end! It was the youngest German's birthday and did all that we could in this weekend getaway!

Only 4 1/2 hours away from Atlanta, we decided to drive and take in the sights! Georgia has some of the most beautiful trees along the way, which is only a prelude to the GORGEOUS trees in Savannah...

We stopped by Tybee beach, right outside of Savannah and the kids loved it!!!

We loaded back up in the car, with sand in our bottoms, and headed to our home for the next few days...SAVANNAH.

We decided to say within downtown historic Savannah, as we have before, to eliminate the need for our car and to put us close to all the beauty that this city is! We literally used our car once, yes, once. If you plan to visit, choose to stay downtown. Your dwelling will be more costly but you will save on gas, erase the hassle of getting lost in the congestion and burn quite a few calories (which is needed because you WILL be eating more than you should, ha, ha!).

The hotel chosen for this stay was the gorgeous Desoto Hotel. You guys, I was blown away with the beauty of this hotel!! Your girl is "savings savvy" so I got it for a steal of a deal! The service was amazing and the staff made it their business to get to know you name, what you like and looked for ways to customize your experience. This type of treatment always feels amazing! Our room was so nice and complete with an amazing, private deck, situated poolside. It was so great, upon leaving, I completely forgot about that fact that it was possibly haunted. Yes, HAUNTED, ha, ha!! I had never had an experience quite like it. Will I stay there again?! Crazy enough to say but ABSOLUTELY!!! Why do I feel it was haunted?! Let me sell (yes, sell) you why...But first, back to the experience, lol.

We unpacked our bags and the sand from our swimsuits, quickly deciding food was first. This was the one time (as mentioned above) we used our car. We wanted seafood and a local restaurant, Juicy Seafood, was recommended to us. The food was delicious, but we will never visit again. We waited for so long, I ended up eating my shrimp and crab boil back at the hotel. It was an absolute mess. We didn't receive our food until after more than an hour of being seated. The beach zapped our energy so this unfortunately lasted longer than it would of on any other day. We simply didn't have energy to fight.

We got back to our hotel, with food in tow, and settled in. Sell #1: The lights began to flicker and the giant clock in the hallway started chiming (not on the hour!!!) as soon as the light show began. It was Joshua's birthday eve, so we decided to get some rest to be ready for day two of excitement. Around 1:30am, Sell #2 happened: the fire alarms went off! I was in a deep sleep and I thought I was imagining things but got up and opened the door to so many people evacuating. I quickly woke up the fam and we ran outside onto the deck exit. This went on for about an hour and a half. No one had an explanation as to why this was happening. When it was over and we all were cleared to go back inside, the elevator music was skipping like and old, broken record...the crazy thing is, the elevator didn't previously have music. Either the employees are amazing thespians and take acting classes in the evening over at SCAD or it's haunted. I was shook, lol. It doesn't take a lot for me.

The next morning, we had an amazing breakfast with pecan smoked bacon at the hotel's restaurant and it was simply divine. We headed out for an on and off tour. We learned so much and enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful homes and historic structures.

The tour is amazing and really gives you a first hand account, filled with actors, of events that created the history of Savannah. You also get to view places where some of the most known movies were filmed and really see the impact of slavery in an expanded, informative way. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it! We stopped by the candy shop on the river and even scooped up a bundle of beignets. As we waited for our tour trolley to return, we sat in an atmosphere full of live, but tranquil music that was so beautiful. We hopped on our trolley and stopped by Canoe, near our hotel, and devoured the tastiest avocado fries I've ever tasted. The sauce was bangin'! After waiting for quite a while for our food from a pub, we decided to get the kids pizza from mellow mushroom in hopes that it would take less time; yeah right. We ended the evening poolside and enjoyed being able to swim and be eye level with the highest of the city's most beautiful buildings.

We went inside to snooze but not before Sell #3: Experiencing a random gust of wind inside the building on the way to our room(Y'all, the ghosts must have been having a track meet, lol).

On our last day, we decided to try, by recommendation of a friend we made at the pool the night before, Soho for brunch... THE. FOOD. WAS. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best grilled cheese I have eeeva had in my life, hands down! The service was amazing, food was timely and we were beyond happy! Everything from the chicken and waffles we ordered to the tomato bisque exceeded our expectations...and the expectation were definitely high! We ended the day with more sightseeing and a mini photoshoot (figures, lol)!

We truly enjoyed ourselves and sung happy birthday to the mini German more times than I could count, ha, ha! Consider Savannah the next time you're looking for a low key, relaxing getaway with your family. We have a great time every time we go! We also stay somewhere new each time. Every place has been haunted, though lol; which adds to the fun and mystique!...Need Ideas?! Contact me!

P.S. Did I sell you on the hotel being haunted?! I'm still shook ha, ha!

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