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Making bedtime the MAIN Event!

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for ways to create structure and discipline in fun ways with my kids. Being that they are creative, they always keep me on my toes; which can be more than tiring. I utilize ways to keep them entertained while getting pre-bedtime activities completed with little movement from me (I am currently patting myself on the back). Check out a couple I've shared! Questions? Contact me!

"ABC" Clean Up

Look around the around the room for items that need to be put away and call out the first letter of the items to be picked up. EX: "Please pick up two items that start with "R"..." Call out letters and amounts until everything is neatly put away.

Popcorn Reading

I am guilty of dozing off during these reading sessions, but it gets nightly reading minutes completed in a flash. Take turns reading age appropriate material to your children and pause to allow them to chime in. I find that my minis pay closer attention to make sure they come in on the right sentence; which means they're absorbing...ah haaaa!! Yep, I'm sneaky.

Pajama Posin'

It's a race to the finish to see how fast your child can get undressed and toss their clothing into the hamper, put on their jammies and freeze in a pose. My kids love this. Their super competitive, so I goes even further with who can get done first!

Vocab Karate

Get the last bit of energy out while strengthening the brain two-fold! Have the kiddos spell words (when school's in session, use words assigned by their teacher to prep them for test taking!) and karate chop for vowels and kick for consonants in the words spelled. once in bed, they will go straight to sleep afterwards.

Try some of these during bedtime to make it a breeze. It's an amazing idea to say prayers and speak on highs an lows of the day with your kids to assist a more peaceful sleep. Just like adults, they have many things on the mind to express and allowing them to do so cuts down on inability to swiftly go to sleep. Never underestimate the power of a tuck-in. Work on your songs and two minute stories for nights you're in a rush. Sweet dreams!

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