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Eat, Puhlease!!

1. Grocery shop with the minis!

Many times, children are more willing to try new things when they are involved from the very beginning! Let them pick out foods to try, count and bag food as well as test out "tastes" while in-store.

2. Pick out weird things!

Instead of picking out the regular fruit and veggies, pick out ones with eye catching colors, shapes and textures for the kiddos to try. They enjoy the newness but grow a bigger appreciation for that string bean that previously took them 40 days and 40 nights to eat!

3.Drink it!

Smoothies are exactly what that; smooth. Go ahead, sneak those veggies in there!! This is a simple way to incorporate key nutrients while having some fun with a straw. At the German house the favorite ones that I've named myself (you can do this, too! It's fun!) are Mean Peachy Keen, Nana Berry, Monster Slime and Purple People Eater. Note: For ingredients of the yummy smoothies, email me!

4. Role Play!

It might sound silly, but hey, It works! Pretend to be a chef and serve the food to the minis while insisting the try the "chef's special", i.e. the food you're tr

ying to get them to eat. If there as well behaved as I know they are, due to etiquette, they won't refuse the chef! wink, wink!

5. Creative plating!

Fun plates make for simple entertainment while eating. Foods that are on special plates always seem to incite positive response from you and your child. They are more receptive and you begin to get creative with how you arrange the food on the plate, it's a win, win. You might even get an applause!

6. Funky Shapes

Fun and funky shapes are never a dull moment! this works wonderfully if your packing food to go. The kids love having something extra special in their lunchbox all while gaining "cool status". New shapes reinvent the way the children look at and respond to food. It might get a little messy, but again, they'll eat it, lol.

7. Family cooking

My favorite one of all...that is until one of my minis breaks one of my good plates. Letting the kids help in the kitchen develops a life long love for food in its many forms while building memories they will carry with them forever. Tugs at your heart strings, right?! yeah, me too... Children love to be proud of their accomplishments and assisting with a meal is nothing short of that. They are simply going to eat it just because the made and completed it; as will you!

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