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Breast Feeding Chronicles: Moo Cow!!

I would like to start off by saying that I am not a specialist nor a healthcare professional. I'm simply a mother of two breast fed kiddos that had to learn as I fed. For whatever, reason no one really tells you about breast feeding for real....the only thing I heard was, "THEY BITE!!!", lol. I learned by trial and error, things that I found help me successfully breastfeed two children.

Pump it Up!

I was definitely invested in mass production...mama was on a role! Many times, you are told not to introduce the pump at first, but I have found that in order to produce enough to feed and store, it is a good idea to do so! When breast feeding, you fall into a vicious cycle of pump, feed, pump, feed (you catch my drift)... It is not for the faint at heart. With encouragement and will power, you can successfully do it.

When breastfeeding your newborn initially, they tend to sleep, stop feeding early or grow tired of putting in the work to get the liquid gold. That's when you whip out your pump and go to town! Your milk, like most businesses, is a supply and demand operation. By pumping directly after feeding, it tells your body that you need to produce more to feed. Your harvest the next time will be gradually more and continue to increase! Moooo power to ya!!

I had so much milk production, the hospital where I delivered asked me to donate, lol. At first, I said "ummm, no!", but after several occasions of having dinner guests over and breastmilk tumbling out of the freezer by the bag, I awkwardly reconsidered.

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