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Kids and Parenting - from a DIY Parent

Yes, DIY parent...we all are. There's no manuals for the precious cargo and it's much more fun to wing it (as if you had a choice)! It's Parenting, ladies and gentlemen!... and the excitement, education, dialog and creativity the mini me's bring!

I have two of these pint-sized people. This automatically makes me qualified and a little cray, ha ha!

Holiday Class Parties: Do it RIGHT every time!

Don't  forget
to take your

Do buy what you wish to contribute in advance.

Do contact the room mom prior to a sign-up genius to notify of your planned contribution.

Do separate items like crafts in separate small bags for ease of distribution.

Do consider what is on sale prior to choosing a food item to bring

Don't opt for cooking if you will not have the possibility to prepare the morning of.

Don't be the last to sign up if you plan to participate.

Don't send your item in with a favorite bag and or dish.

Don't underestimate the donation of time. If you aren't able to contribute an item or simply don't have time to prepare a dish, consider setting aside time the day of to help in the areas of set up/breakdown or decorating!

Holiday Traditions

Creating togetherness through traditions is a fun way to enjoy family time and make memories that will last past your children being young. Awesome ways to create traditions are:


  • Matching Pajamas

  • HolidayBaking

  • Family Movie Series

  • Annual Themed Conests

  • Specific Days/ Times to decorate trees, open gifts and enjoy family games.


Snow Mountain, Stone Mountain

The Toy R Us adventure, Lenox Marketplace

Macy's Pink Pig, Lenox Mall


Snow Island, Lake Lanier Islands

Skate the Sky, Ponce City Market

The Rink at Town Center, Riverdale, GA


Skate the Station, Atlantic Station


Atlanta Ice House, Marietta, GA


Ice Rink at Avalon, Alpharetta, GA

Breakfast with Santa, Georgia Aquarium

 A Magical Cirque Christmas, Cobb Energy


Rudolph, Center for Puppetry Arts


The Nutcracker, The Fox Theatre

Home for the Holidays 

It's that time of year. Thanksgiving break and Christmas break are upon us! While it's a time to relax and spend quality time together, keeping the young minds fresh is also a must before embarking on the new semester ahead. Here are quick ways to keep them sharp while still enjoying the days off:



minutes daily

Practice Math Facts 1-12

Visit school learning portals!

Snacks sure to please!

Simple is where it's at when creating yummy treat for the pint-sized people (and adults alike!). These are these three create a crowd and are so simple to make, you'll definitely be in high demand! What I love most about these three: You can customize them for EVERY holiday by changing colors, festive dishes and coatings!

Need to know more? That's what I'm here for! Email me!