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Latest Crush!

...because I'm always falling hard!

Major Tip Alert:

I know I'm not the only one with clothing in my closet that seemed like a must have when I purchased it but struggled to wear it when it came down to rocking it...well, sometimes the creativity isn't flowing when it's time to figure out how to wear an article of clothing, so here's a wardrobe cheat code that will help you out if you haven't discovered it already:

Google your fab piece plus adding keywords "street style" Ex: "red pencil skirt street style"

And Viola!! You will see (in images) ways others have worn the piece and it will give you an abundance of ideas! You will struggle less with having "nothing to wear". You're welcome!                

                                                                                                   -A. Guru

Mod,Chic and oh-so me! (and them, too)

For Christmas. I received this amazing gift from my husband. It has been a gorgeous way to showcase people that I love the most; my children. I'm a simple girl and I love clean lines. Delicate yet meaningful jewelry gets me everytime and this necklace was nothing short of that! This necklace from wickedly mod turns heads everywhere I go. People are always asking me where I purchased it! It goes with almost everything and I definitely plan on adding more pieces to the family that lives in my jewelry box, lol. Grab you one today and even save 20%!  


Flavor Train...


I'm on my third jar since Christmas; when I tried it first... Better than Boullion is ahhhmazing!! Whether you're a kitchen pro  or a "fixer", this takes everyone's dish to the next level. Sauces, soups, veggies and slow cooker meals all come alive with this amazing base! If oyu're a Costco member, get the huge jar for a dollar more than the regular size at the grocery store! Happy cooking!

Avocado Love...


As if eating them wasn't enough... Kiehls has a deliciously hydrating avocado mask that does wonder for dry skin especially! I've talked about my skin in my Rise from the Ash blog post and truly, my face is included in the in the dryness. The first time I used this mask, the skin on my face immediately felt juicier! I gave just enough moisture to balance my skin. I've been hooked ever since. I use it once a week!


Pack your bags for Costco Travel...

I have been a Costco shopper for more than 11 years now. The value continues to excite me, lol. Recently, I started picking up those brochures and booklets that decorate the exit and let me tell you, I am so happy I did!!! Costco Travel is an amazing savings resource. They have the BEST prices on many vacation destinations and the always include transportation. What completely sold me??! The fact that the same price is good for 6-8 month stretches!!! What does that mean?!  You can stalk the airlines for the best prices based on dates and SAVE. EVEN. MORE!!! Our next Vacay will be with Costco travel and honestly, I am more excited about the savings than the vacation, ha, ha!! This is a true #win!

Meaningful results...

At a Ulta convention, I stumbled upon these amazing eye masks that I haven't put down since! The Meaningful Beauty Revive and Brighten eye masque transforms my tired eyes into pure radiance. Its amazing what something so small can do! Leave them on for 15 minutes and let them do their magic! This is part of my skin routine 2-3 times a week. May end up being more after the baby arrives.

Teatree for me?! Yes, please!

I keep this facial cleanser in the shower for a quick cleanse. I smoothes and soothes my skinwhile leaving a refreshingly radiant glow! The Body Shop did it right with this one!

Embellished for the win!

Being that I'm soon becoming a mom of three, I am thinking about my fashion going forward. I want to be comfortable but still maintain the chic...What better way to accomplish this goal than incorporating embellished pieces into the wardrobe?! it's an easy way to take a tee and jeans to the next level. I've always been a shoe girl and this will add some blinged out fun to my Spring and Summer  fits. Tip: Structured bags or thick eye frames always elevate your look when choosing embellished pieces. 

Blanqi Love



How many of you shop from advertisements that stalk you through your phone?! Right, me either...until one fateful day. I had been on the hunt for a nice pair of leggings to fit this new "booty-do" of a shape I have and wanted to find a pair that wouldn't fade, keep their shape and tape in properly at the ankle. I FOUND THEM!!!! Blanqi leggings are everything and more! They have stood up to my constant washing and repetitive wear all while cradling and supporting this baby bump with ease. They are my new love!

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Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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