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Latest Crush!

...because I'm always falling hard!

Major Tip Alert:

I know I'm not the only one with clothing in my closet that seemed like a must have when I purchased it but struggled to wear it when it came down to rocking it...well, sometimes the creativity isn't flowing when it's time to figure out how to wear an article of clothing, so here's a wardrobe cheat code that will help you out if you haven't discovered it already:

Google your fab piece plus adding keywords "street style" Ex: "red pencil skirt street style"

And Viola!! You will see (in images) ways others have worn the piece and it will give you an abundance of ideas! You will struggle less with having "nothing to wear". You're welcome!                

                                                                                                   -A. Guru

Mario Badescu skin care has pampered this face for the whole year. I originally tried the line after walking the pink carpet at an Ulta convention! The whole line is ahhhmazing!!! Even though winter is upon us, I still use my facial mist for a quick pick me up and it hydrates my parched skin in two snaps! The mist is infused with aloe, herbs and rose water. It's a true must for me, year-long. This Winter will be no different! 


Mario continues to do it for me!

This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE fragrance. According to the temporary stalkers, it's theirs on me, too! Our love affair has been going on for more than two years and we're still going strong. It's an indulgence for sure, but worth the arm and the leg it cost! This is a unisex fragrance, so it yields a great balance of deliciousness within the notes. I have a following... and it's mainly because of Baccarat, ha!!!

Baccarat 540


I'm super big on presentation. I'm an event designer, so, figures, I guess. I discovered these last year and it was a hit! I made "chill packs " (info on the "Savings Savvy" page!) when I was out of ideas for amazing christmas gifts. These are so cute and add so much personality to a favorite bottle of wine. They can be found on Amazon and at most of your favorite home decor stores!


Wine bottle covers



Cannuka, I love you... The WHOLE collection is beyond bomb but I had to share this amazing I balm with my loves. This balm takes down puffiness, darkness and skin irritation in a snap. I use mine at night for well rested eyes in the morning. Talk about a pick me up! The collection has a skin healing balm that I keep in my purse, a moisturizer and an amazing lip balm that gives me the juiciest pout. It's vegan and cruelty free, which makes it a must grab! Additionally, I use the healing balm on small eczema breakouts my daughter may have and the skin is back to normal by the end of the day. WINNER!!!

Soothing eye balm

creating wonders



I had been experiencing aches and pains pretty early on in this pregnancy with baby girl. Sleep has been REALLY inconsistent. I found an amazing pillow that supports my belly bump and lady lumps with ease. Yes, it takes up a lot of space, but when you feel the comfort it provides, you won't care. My husband has been experiencing back pain this year (getting older just hits different, lol) and I catch him using it quite frequently as well. Talk abut multipurpose! Cheers to and even better sleep!

The BEST Sleep

What's cuter than a mug?! A chic mug! I love this mug so much and truly feel snazzy when sipping tea or coffee. Pier 1 had me in mind when they unveiled this beauty! the faux fur is detachable and washable! Whose winning??? ME!! And you can, too. Be on the lookout for a GIVEAWAY!

Cuter than a mug...

I recently started buying candles from Bath and Body Works again and decided to test out other flavors. I stumble upon Mahogany Teakwood and fell in absolute love! I love that it's not too sweet and has a nice woody aroma that sets the tone for the house. My goal is to accomplish great smelling air vs. an overly fragrant irritant. This scent does just that! The candle sale is upcoming (info on "Saving Savvy") so make sure to indulge! Bergamont Waters is a close second!

Mahogany Teakwood



How many of you shop from advertisements that stalk you through your phone?! Right, me either...until one fateful day. I had been on the hunt for a nice pair of leggings to fit this new "booty-do" of a shape I have and wanted to find a pair that wouldn't fade, keep their shape and tape in properly at the ankle. I FOUND THEM!!!! Blanqi leggings are everything and more! They have stood up to my constant washing and repetitive wear all while cradling and supporting this baby bump with ease. They are my new love!

Blanqi Love



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