Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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Baby G

Help us get ready for Baby Girl German!

Shop our registries and watch us open gifts live!!

We're having a baby!!!! I still can't believe I'm pregnant, pregnant, lol. This time around, we decided to host our shower live and intimate! Friends and Family, help us get prepared for baby girl by shopping our registries. The deadline to be included in the live opening will be JANUARY 12, 2020!!

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Target and BuyBuy Baby

Live opening of gifts will be in February! Show Baby G some love!!

Cravings like a mother!

What I've been munchin' on this time around...

This pregnancy has been interesting to say the least when it comes to food. I just haven't really had an appetite and when I'm ready to throw down, my body can't handle it..the struggle. I have thoroughly enjoyed hummus and pretzel chips, street tacos (as if that love was ever leaving) and apples with peanut butter! In the coming months, I hope to get in as many "greedy girl" moments in as possible. Pray for my stomach, friends!


How I'm 




Weight Gain:

1 whole pound thus far! I definitely have a lot of belly ha, ha!

2nd Trimester Symptoms:


Hip pains



What's different this go round?

Everything... Being preggers in your 30's is VERY different. 

What's the same?

Stephen's pregnancy symptoms. We're always pregnant together, ha, ha! Sometimes him more than me, lol.

Have you decided on a name? 

Yes! She'll have enough G's, lol!